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Pregnancy Travel Insurance

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Lulakate Thu 26-May-16 17:17:47

Hi there
Am new to this site so please bear with.
I booked a surprise holiday for myself, my fiancé and our little one back in January, due to travel mid-June. Since then I have found out I'm pregnant and now am 9 weeks' gone. However I was wondering if there was a particular insurance that anyone could recommend and whether it's possible to change the date slightly so we could possibly go in July instead?
It's probably not possible but just wanted to know if anyone else had done this previously?
Many thanks wink

specialsubject Thu 26-May-16 17:46:41

Date change -depends on your booking conditions. Will cost.

Travel insurance should have been booked when you booked the holiday. Get on the case asap, mentioning of course that you are pregnant to make sure you are covered for any problems.

Lulakate Thu 26-May-16 18:07:14

Yes I know it's totally my fault I should book travel insurance right away but never have done and always leave it until a few weeks before. Am going to do it asap but wanted to know if there was a particularly good one to use for pregnancy (probably not) blush

Flanderspigeonmurderer Thu 26-May-16 18:08:59

I just used the same one I normally used and told them I was pregnant. I don't think there is a particular company that specialises in pregnancy cover.

Lulakate Thu 26-May-16 18:11:56

I was hoping that was the case - thank you.

Moreisnnogedag Thu 26-May-16 18:21:35

I used the same one I always use (Barclays) but I was a bit further along and the only other thing i checked was if I were to give birth would they cover baby's expenses (they did, and gave me numbers to call if I was concerned).

Lulakate Thu 26-May-16 18:27:31

Thank you really helpful I'm worried as I'm still only early and although can't wait for the holiday I'm quite worried about flying being so early pregnant

specialsubject Fri 27-May-16 10:09:16

Please learn a lesson for the future. You book a holiday and don't book the insurance. Something happens before you 'get round ' to booking insurance and you can't go. Goodbye holiday and money.

IceMaiden73 Fri 03-Jun-16 08:47:19

I have to say I can't believe, after all the stories you see, and the amount of money people spend on holidays, that insurance is not booked at the same time the holiday is booked

What if something happened early on that meant you couldn't go

Lulakate Fri 03-Jun-16 09:06:51

I have never booked my insurance straightaway and always been fine also I have had a million one other things to think about too so not got around to it but it's all done now so no panic

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