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JoanneNewton Mon 23-May-16 15:22:38

Ok i'm gonna get straight to it, when me and my partner have sex i have to finish with the bullring. I hate myself because it is the only way for me, but its a wired bullring that connects to a battery remote to control the power. (Too much detail? properly...) but i'm off to Bulgaria for our honeymoon in 3 weeks and i'm starting to wonder if they might check my suitcase.
Many times i been abroad and coming home you have to put your suitcase through a xray machine (i think thats what it is) and they see inside, now i'm terrifed if i take it, it might raise suspisions of what the wired battery thing is.... really don't want my suitcase to be opened. My question is, will i be alright to take it?
Will they check?
I really don't want to go without it, but i really don't want to be pulled up. As any one on here been in that position?

mummymeister Mon 23-May-16 21:12:54

Speak to the airline that you are flying with and ask if this is something that you can take in your suitcase or not. I think there is every chance that someone will open either your case or hand luggage to check this out but hey you don't have to see these people ever again so just get over your embarrassment.

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