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French Fuel Strike

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FrancesNiadova Sun 22-May-16 20:32:28

We're going over at half-term & I wondered if anyone who was over there had a better handle on the situation than our non-existant news. Thanks

frenchfancy Mon 23-May-16 20:27:02

West France was particularly badly hit at the weekend. We couldn't get fuel from Friday through to this morning, but the police freed a blockade which has released supplies so we are now ok for a while.

It all depends on where you are going. At the moment Brittany and Normandie are the worst affected areas. No area seems to be completely dry but rationing is in place (we could only get 30€).

I think the situation could change very quickly, it could all be over by tomorrow, but it is currently spreading to Paris which is when people will start to sit up and take notice. (The reason your news is non existent is because Paris is ok).

Whatever happens I would recommend you fill the tank in the UK even if fuel is more expensive.

FrancesNiadova Tue 24-May-16 06:36:24

Thanks FrenchFancy we're doing the tunnel then driving to near La Roche sur Yon. We might be able to get there, just, but would need diesel immediately when we do. Let's hope it's over soon.

frozentree Tue 24-May-16 08:09:06

West of Paris here - no petrol in the small village garage but larger garages seem fine. You might have to queue tho'...friends waited around 15 minutes yesterday.

Ancienchateau Tue 24-May-16 09:03:00

Unaffected, currently, here 100 miles south of Paris.

frenchfancy Tue 24-May-16 09:06:32

We are not that far from La Roche sur Yon. This morning it looks like more than half of the local stations have fuel. If you are driving from Calais make sur you come the Rouen/Le Mans/ Angers route, and fill up any time you see an open station.

AndersArms Tue 24-May-16 10:02:07

We're also going Dover - Calais for half term. Family in France have suggested we just keep an eye on things and make a decision later in the week - my pessimistic French uncle thinks it could go on for some time and get worse before it gets better - he thinks the dockers will join in and cause massive disruption. But I am heavily pregnant and think family are concerned about me being stranded in particular.

samlovesdilys Tue 24-May-16 20:01:26

We are worried but monitoring...planning to drive down to dordogne...anyone know if it is easier/more difficult to get hold of diesel??

AndersArms Tue 24-May-16 20:03:36

We're trying to change our booking - looking at Holland or Germany possibly.

TellAStory Tue 24-May-16 21:57:02

It is getting worse not better............... we are going to Disney Paris on Saturday for a week, we have enough fuel to get there but need to refuel to get home.

frenchfancy Wed 25-May-16 06:57:31

Things are not getting worse. The authorities are clearing the strikers daily and supplies are getting through. Our local supermarket didn't even have a queue yesterday. The main difference is that Paris is now being affected so more stations are concerned - but the figures show those stations low not just those that are empty.

The advice given in that article is good - fill up in the UK and top up whenever you can.

TellAStory Wed 25-May-16 08:18:04

Glad to hear that supplies are getting through!

samlovesdilys Wed 25-May-16 18:28:30

See similar thread on AIBU...

Humphriescushion Wed 25-May-16 18:31:37

Only one delivery locally today for us ( south of france) and queue very very bad for it. All other petrol stations have had nothing today or yesterday.

AuntieStella Wed 25-May-16 18:32:59

Clicky version

Mistigri Wed 25-May-16 19:58:37

We're in southern France near Toulouse and there was no diesel to be had anywhere yesterday (most stations still had petrol). Today there have been some deliveries - there are still queues but it's more due to panic buying than an actual shortage apparently.

brittanyfairies Wed 25-May-16 20:09:47

It's not good at all, I queued for over an hour today and people were fighting in the queue. We were limited to 30 litres, the same garage was dry at 4.00 this afternoon. Before today the last time it had fuel was Thursday. Me and my colleagues were driving to work on fumes. I live in southern Brittany. At the moment everyone is texting each other as soon as we hear of a service station with petrol. It was announced on local radio that one particular supermarket was getting a delivery today, when I drove past at 7.45 this morning the queue was about 1/2 mile long. The delivery didn't get there till 11. Another local town apparently had a 6 mile queue for the one station with a delivery today. Colleagues were saying a woman on the news had sold a five gallon jerrycan of petrol for 20 euros to someone who desperately needed it.

sunnydayinmay Wed 25-May-16 22:35:34

Brittany - are you anywhere near Carnac? Going to be an interesting half term break for us, I think!

brittanyfairies Thu 26-May-16 05:21:33

Yes Sunny I'm in Vannes so not that far from Carnac. On the plus side the weather has been lovely this week, so it's not such a bad time to be stuck on the beach and the beach at Carnac is very lovely.

This part of France is very badly affected by the fuel shortages.

frenchfancy Thu 26-May-16 06:42:23

Interactive map showing which stations have fuel. It isn't complete - there are at least 5 local stations not showing - but it gives an idea as to which areas are worst affected.

Map is from the region west France paper so may not be at all accurate for the rest of the country.

sunnydayinmay Thu 26-May-16 07:50:06

Brittany we know Vannes well, but only tend to go when it is raining. smile

Hmm, we're still heading over, but all plans to explore/birthday on Quiberon beach might be put on hold...

Bigbagofchips Thu 26-May-16 11:29:39

We are due to fly to Dinard (near St Malo) on Sunday and pick up a hire car with a full tank of fuel. I've just phoned the car hire desk at the airport who have assured me that the car will still be available with a full tank and we will be able to get to our cottage and back on a tank. So unless things drastically change for the worse before then we are going to risk it. There might be a French air traffic control strike 3 - 5 June so that's then another thing to worry about........

jenpetronus Thu 26-May-16 16:04:44

It seems to be a bit easier down here today (I am near Vannes too) All fuel stations that I have passed have been open, thankfully, although with queues, but not massive ones. Hope that reassures anyone on their way!

Bigbagofchips Thu 26-May-16 16:14:47

That is reassuring Jenpetronus. We are heading down to near Josselin and my parents are there already. The tanker got through to the local filling station this morning so that was also reassuring to know!

sunnydayinmay Thu 26-May-16 17:07:07

Good news indeed. Off straight from school tomorrow.

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