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Halfway between Australia and UK- where would you go on holiday?

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ForSaleChesterDraws Sun 22-May-16 09:33:57

Question explains it all. Family in Australia and in the UK, thinking of organising a summer holiday for 2017. Thinking of SE Asia as cost is a big factor.
Where would you go for good weather, avoiding rainy season that will be good with a 2 year old and 4 year old?
We were thinking of a beachy holiday but we aren't huge fans of super-resorts with kids clubs, night entertainment etc. We've looked at Ko Samui but costs have changed significantly since we went 12 years ago.

sphinxster Sun 22-May-16 09:44:14

Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Kuala Lumpa, Dubai.

ShanghaiDiva Sun 22-May-16 09:45:27

Summer in SE Asia, most places are wet,but the following have good weather:
Bali - but not really half way, Java is fine then too - have been to Yogyakarta, but probably not that interesting for very young kids although dd enjoyed the trip to merapi.
Borneo - Sabah and Sarawak - orang utans, beaches, great food, long houses, trekking. Took my dd there when she was 5.
Vietnam - central area e.g Hoi an
Thailand - Phuket is wet, but I think the other side of Thailand is dry in the summer
Singapore - hot and humid - but the zoo is great for kids and so is the night safari

ForSaleChesterDraws Sun 22-May-16 10:36:12

Thanks for the tips. We aren't fans of Dubai at all, it's a bit too flash and built up for us. We wanted somewhere a bit more chilled.

Borneo is somewhere I'd never think of, nor is Bali. I'm going to do some research. Where would you stay on each of them?

ShanghaiDiva Sun 22-May-16 12:05:08

Bali - I've been to Ubud which is lovely, but inland. Friends of mine live in Jakarta and always go to Nusa Dusa. Kuta is awful imo - and to be avoided.
For Sabah I stayed in Kota Kinabalu - town is pretty ugly (bombed in WW2) but nice restaurants and you can take day trips to the islands which are lovely. I know friends who have stayed at the shangrila - one is in the town and one is about 30 mins outside and has its own orang utan sanctuary.
In Sarawak I stayed in Kuching (nicer than KK imo) - good museums, great food, nice markets and you can take day trips to long houses, do kayaking and see orang utans in the wild - was fabulous.
Have also been to Brunei in Borneo and stayed in BSB - just need a weekend there but good for trekking - nothing too strenuous and our 7 year old managed everything easily. Just a short flight from BSB to Kuching.

Hersetta427 Tue 24-May-16 15:51:53

The Maldives?

Kirriemuir Tue 24-May-16 21:00:40

Langkawi malaysia.

Ineedthesunshine Tue 24-May-16 21:33:54

Another one for Langkawi - lovely.

Oliviaerinpope Tue 24-May-16 21:43:10

Los Angeles/ Hawaii.

BiscuitMillionaire Tue 24-May-16 21:53:41

Tioman Island in Malaysia (peninsular) is nicer than Langkawi imo. Really beautiful beaches and less developed. Weather will be hot and sunny in UK summer, not as humid as Singapore but similar temperature.

Or Thailand - Krabi is nice, not tacky like parts of Phuket. If you'd like a bit of culture, Thailand is fascinating, lovely people.

In Bali, I would go to Sanur (older small town on coast) or Seminyak (upmarket). Bali is also a very special place, everyone's an artist, temples and shrines around every corner. It can be quite touristy though.

ForSaleChesterDraws Wed 25-May-16 20:41:20

How do you get to Tioman Island or Langwaki? I'm struggling to find flights.

Kirriemuir Sat 28-May-16 09:09:25

You need to fly into KL and then a connecting flight to Langkawi. It's about an hour from memory.

JamieVardysParty Sat 28-May-16 10:23:36

Thinking outside of the box, Zanzibar or Mauritius.

Tioman is beautiful. You can either fly or travel to Mersing and get a boat over.

ForSaleChesterDraws Sun 29-May-16 08:44:44

I've looked up Zanzibar, the weather is an average of 24'c ok August and we want it warmer. Mauritius looks nice but again, weather issues and windy.

We can't afford the Seychelles, the cost of living there is too high for us.

I'm going to look up Malaysia and Thailand a bit more. Darn Southern Hemisphere and winter in our summer.

theredjellybean Sun 29-May-16 12:11:51 stop over we ever had when travelling between AUS and UK

went for 4 nights, really brilliant , might be rainy in summer, we went in september and has afternoon downpours...was quite nice as had dd1 aged 3.5 at time and we all had a nice cooling nap under the fans in room

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