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Cyprus with an 8 month old

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Cupcakesandlove Thu 19-May-16 12:42:12


We are soon to be travelling to Cyprus ( paphos) with my baby who will be 8 months. I've got everything covered in terms of milk travel cot ect... However it has just occurred to me I need to sort out food..!!!
I don't give her jars or sachets she has baby porridge in the morning with a fruit purée that I make and that is about it.
I've never had a child before so I'm unsure as to what she will be eating then?
She does have 3 meals a day and I do try blw but it's not exclusive. For instance she will have the end of garlic bread to knorr on... Or toast. I haven't given her a whole pork chop for instance.
Is it worth me bringing some Ella's kitchen stuff or will there be food for her in the resultants? We are self catering so I can make her food but do I really want to be steaming veg in 30 degree heat?!

Thanks X

Rainshowers Thu 19-May-16 14:13:33

Do you have breakfast included at your hotel? I'm currently on holiday in Paphos, and there's porridge on the breakfast buffet as well as other cereals, toast and fruit, and omelettes cooked to order. If you're self catering is there a microwave? I'd probably just go for ready brek and a banana as an easy option. Or toast and fruit. What will you be eating? Can you tailor it to your little one?

When my DD was younger we'd do her a little lunch platter of cheese, tomato, bread. Some evenings she had the Ella's meals so that we could then put her to to sleep in her pram while we had dinner out. Places are pretty accommodating if you ask them for something off menu, and I've noticed a few places have jacket potatoes on the menu which might be a good one to share for lunch.

It's probably worth bringing some Ella's type food as sometimes you might want to eat while she's asleep to make the most of quiet time, and will need to give her something before/after you eat. Perhaps try a couple before you go to see if she likes them!

Cupcakesandlove Thu 19-May-16 19:51:31

Thanks. Yes we have a microwave on our apartment we are staying in the avanti, near the ocean basket restaurant do you know it?
Sadly no breakfast and I'm a full English type of girl when I'm away ha she's def not having that.
She has porridge now so was
Just going to do the same with some fruit and toast. I will get some Ella's too thank you x

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