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Top long term travel suggestions...

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peripateticparents Tue 17-May-16 21:56:06

We are about to embark on an extended journey. We've moved out of the house, gotten rid of our furniture & most of our belongings, and ready to hit the road/port/runway. 3 kids, from 7ys to under 1. We are not planning on backpacking, but we still have to carry everything with us. I anticipate we'll be doing a lot of AirBnB'ing, though it's not booked very far ahead. We are experienced adult travellers, but only done the occasional relaxing holiday with the kids. Multiple countries, multiple continents planned. Food allergies in the mix.

In clearing out the 'junk' drawers, I realised how much my kids love pegs. From keeping the curtains closed, to helping build forts, to keeping the rice cakes fresh, to just playing with them, they get hours of enjoyment, and I'm actually going to take some with us. There must be loads of other random things that i hadn't really thought about, that make good travel suggestions ... go on, help me come up with some things that I can pretend to hubby are entirely my own idea grin

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