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anyone ever been on holiday to Jersey?

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Blandmum Sun 14-Jan-07 17:53:28

Holiday to France camping will be out. If dh is still well n the summer we'd like a holiday. Can't get health insurance, so we are limited to the UK. Want access to the NHS

Anyone ever been, what was it like, recomendations?

foxtrot Sun 14-Jan-07 18:12:14

MB, please double-check the healthcare position, as i'm sure that when i went i took out travel insurance in case of medical need (i was pregnant at the time).
It is a lovely place, stayed with friends so no recommendations i'm afraid.

McDreamy Sun 14-Jan-07 18:14:39

I went with DH - it was our first time away together. It was lovely, very relaxing, some beautiful countryside, we stayed in a lovely hotel but I can't remember it's name but it was a special offer in one of the broadsheets. I remember visiting the underground hospital - bit depressing but intresting. We also went to a Jersey vineyard - gopping wine!!!

wheresthehamster Sun 14-Jan-07 18:23:39

We went a few years running to Portelet Bay, flying from Stansted and hiring a car at the airport.

Wouldn't recommend the hotel although the beach was perfect, but, as with a lot of Jersey beaches, a steep climb.

St Brelades is a lovely flat beach. You can walk out of the seafront hotels straight onto the beach with no road to cross. Quite central and easy to get into St Helier. Haven't stayed there so can't recommend anywhere.

Lovely island. The zoo was an attractive place to visit and Jersey pottery. Some nice child friendly pubs with gardens serving food. Sorry, I can't remember the names though - not much help am I! My children were between the ages of 2 and 9 when we were going and loved it.

NannyL Sun 14-Jan-07 19:29:57

Ive been to jersey (by and staying on boat in marina though)

we were in St helier

had a lovely time it was lovely... i think there is quite easy access to otehr channel islands for day trips... guernsy is a nice trip as is sark....

some lovely sandy beaches

a few years agho they were building a brand new indoor swimming pooly type place (great for if it rains) and i think there was a cineam in st helier too... near the steam clock
+ of course the jersey too

my charges went for a week in jersey this summer and had a LOVELY time... 2 families together staying in a cottage! (the children were 8 (g) 5 (g) 5(b) and 4(g))

RustyBear Mon 12-Feb-07 16:13:00

(Have just seen this, hope it's not too late)
We went to Jersey last August,stayed in a hotel in St Helier & hired a car. We had a week & pretty much covered the whole island.
Highlights for us were the zoo (Gerald Durrell's), the occupation museum in the underground tunnels, St Aubyn's beach & St Catherine's castle, also Gorey castle - but there are a lot of steps up to that one.
Our favourite restaurant was corbiere phare on the southwest point of the island - lovely food & gorgeous views especially at sunset.
There are lots of craft places,especially jewellery, and a massive maize maze - they grow a new shape every year.
If you do go & you appreciate kitsch, don't miss the shell garden near St.Brelade - it's a smallish hillside garden & practically every inch is covered in designs made from shells......

DEE7479551 Mon 12-Feb-07 22:36:03

I stayed in the Sommerville hotel in st Aubyn in September and thought that it was a great location and a very friendly hotel. It was a short walk down to the harbour and beach with several cafe's/restaurants to try and only 15 minutes to St helier. There are also lots of houses to rent which may be a good idea if you can get a great location.

escape Mon 12-Feb-07 22:42:57

we lived there for two years and it's a fabulous place for a family holiday - not much to do in bad weather tho' 9indoor pool, cinema, bowling - about it really. everywhere really quite access friendly with good buses etc, really flat too - i'm really missing the place now!

SpiritualKnot Thu 22-Feb-07 00:37:58

My daughter aged 7 and I stayed last August in St Helier. Stayed at the Norfolk Lodge hotel the first week and the Merton hotel the second week.

Both hotels were great though would probably recommend the Merton more as it's nearer the town centre. They also have lots of special offers and a big pool with great slides. There's also a children's club from around 6pm-8.30pm each evening.

It's worth looking at the websites or contacting the tourist info in Jersey to check for events. We saw Joseph and his technicolor dreamcoat at the opera house and the Spirit of the Horse show.
We're going back to the Merton for Easter this year. Special offer is that you get free evening meals.

I'm going back on my own this weekend for a dance weekend! Different hotel though.

Would definitely recommend staying in St Helier as it's the place where most things are going on and you can easily go on a coach trip or catch a bus to other areas. People said that we'd need a car but we didn't.

Flights are not badly priced but can vary a lot. My flight this weekend is £54 ...although I think I've had £10 added on with the new taxes.

Anyway hope this is of some help!

SpiritualKnot Thu 22-Feb-07 00:44:27

Here's a link to the Merton in case you're interested.

merton hotel

makealist Thu 22-Feb-07 01:06:01

There is also the amaizin maze
Children will love it as there is so much to do there and each year they add a bit more (don't know the ages of your children)
There's lots of good places to eat and in January they bought in the no smoking in pub laws, so you don't mind taking the children into them now and also loads of them have play areas.
You can paint your own plates/mugs etc at the Jersey pottery.
You have to visit Jersey zoo.
Fort Regent has a massive indoor play arena.
St Brelades beach is the best beach, ds2 calls it the holiday beach!
Lots of lovely scenery, especially the north of the island with all the little bays.

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