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Travel Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

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Kestrel49 Thu 05-May-16 00:56:29

Do you think travellers, especially with young children, should take their own smoke and CO detector with them?

Hersetta427 Thu 05-May-16 07:44:08

Well any decent hotel will by law have smoke detectors fitted throughout and any cooking facilities are electric so I would say no. Stay in something cheap and nasty then maybe the answer would be different.

Kestrel49 Thu 05-May-16 10:38:48

Not law in all countries and CO alarms are not generally installed and more likely caused from badly installed boilers than cooking. However, agree the better the hotel the better the systems should be.

Rosa Thu 05-May-16 10:42:56

If you travel with a tour operator they should either not be using accommodation with internal water boilers and any others hsould have been H&S checked and if needed then the company should have provided them. I say should ..... If you find a property with an internal boiler you could always ask to see the safety check certificate - if you are worried.

specialsubject Thu 05-May-16 12:43:02

doesn't make any difference whether you have kids or not, everyone is valuable.

Following the tragic Greek case, it took far, far too long for safety improvements and further checks to be implemented, and of course it should never have happened at all.

Can you get portable CO alarms that are reliable? I don't know, perhaps someone does.

Kestrel49 Thu 05-May-16 13:57:24

Sadly does make a difference if you have kids.
Kids, pregnant women and old age people are more vulnerable from the effects of CO. I am crowdfunding for my travel CO and smoke unit. Private message me if you need information.

idontlikealdi Thu 05-May-16 14:08:07

You don't need a specific travel one surely you can get loads of battery operated ones on Amazon etc already.

Kestrel49 Thu 05-May-16 14:19:04

Yes, you can but not designed for travelling, so less robust, etc.

abas Thu 05-May-16 22:54:46

There is no requirement for hotels to have CO alarms. Legislation in 2015 was only for Private landlords have to provide CO alarms where there is solid fuel only. We lost our daughter to carbon monoxide poisoning and so we take a CO alarm with us whenever we are staying away from home. We recently travelled to Asia, staying in 5 hotels. Our alarm went with us everywhere. Several people have died of CO in US hotels. An alarm doesn't take up much room - we should take responsibility for our own safety.

Kestrel49 Fri 06-May-16 05:56:19

Abas - really sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter, this is exactly why I developed my detector to try to stop this happening again.
Thank you for sharing.

Kirriemuir Fri 06-May-16 13:25:26

You don't need a travel one. Amazon, Homebase and B&Q all do compact battery operated versions that can go in your case.

Hersetta427 Fri 06-May-16 16:43:36

you raised this post to get crowd funding for your business....nice

Kirriemuir Fri 06-May-16 20:15:52

I reported it earlier.

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