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First holiday with 14month old

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sattilaura87 Wed 04-May-16 10:33:11

We are going to Portugal in three weeks with our 14 month old son. This will be our first holiday abroad and i am a little anxious about it. My first concern is the flight, we recently got an email from our airline to say they had moved me and my son so we will be sat alone grin How will i handle a wriggling baby alone with no room to move? Also he is a NIGHTMARE to change especially out and about, he will literally scream bloody murder and not lie still so how on earth am i ment to change him in that tiny toilet?
My other concern is he having to be in his buggy alot. At home we just put him down and he roams about. but the hotel is all marble? any advice on how to handle the beach? im thinking maybe a little paddling pool? im sure he will be climbing in and out but should keep him entertained for alittle bit?
My partner is also stressing about a car seat? im not so worried as we can get a taxi to the airport were a seat will be provided, and we have a coach transfer so the seatbelts wont even fit a car seat? we have seen portable car seats online?
Any advise at all on how to handle the week would be much appreciate

mouldycheesefan Wed 04-May-16 12:35:03

Hi, during the flight you can pass baby between you perhaps do half hour shifts. Even thou you are not sat together you can still take him to sit with other family member for a bit.
Change him before you get on you may not need to change him onboard as its a short flight. If you do, you will just find a way to manage in the small toilet!
Paddling pool on beach good idea don't take eyes off him for a second though when in water.
Yes marble floors on holiday are a pain and I do remember looking for holiday accommodation with wooden floors for that reason! Take a play mat and create a safe rolling around area. If he is walking then close supervision should suffice.
Holidays with toddlers are a change of scene rather than a rat unless you go somewhere with nannies and crèche facilities which we started doing when ours week two and holidays then felt like actual,holidays!

mouldycheesefan Wed 04-May-16 12:35:50

Rather than a rest that should have said, not rat!

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