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holiday recommendations that don't cost an arm and a leg

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needaholiday1 Tue 03-May-16 22:39:48

Would really appreciate some advice from MN for a nice short UK holiday destination that is reachable by train from Oxford/London, family friendly and costs under £500 for 3-4 days (2 adults and 1 dc). Does that place exist?!

mummymeister Wed 04-May-16 08:54:52

yes places like this exist but it depends on what time of year you want to go. if it is august then no, your budget probably wont stretch to it. i would have a look at some of the child friendly holiday websites like baby friendly boltholes and away with the kids. also think about whether you want a hotel with catering and a kids club or just somewhere with activities. the first sort could be bedruthan steps or the second a good caravan site.

revealall Wed 04-May-16 17:35:59

I think you could do the Isle of Wight within budget. Lovely beaches, interesting dinosaur stuff,bit quirky.

How old is the DC? Will they need a seperate room?
There's masses of choice in accommodation from swish to chalets.

CremeEggThief Wed 04-May-16 17:39:03

I hot a Hose a sons caravan on the Isle of Wight for the first week of August for £475, last year.

CremeEggThief Wed 04-May-16 17:40:07


revealall Wed 04-May-16 21:31:01

The Mouse Inn has four nights for £350 in August. Probably not ideal for you if you haven't got a car ( buses are everywhere though on the Island) but just to illustrate you can get a decent room for the money.

annandale Wed 04-May-16 21:48:53

Mudeford Spit. Beach huts (you can sleep in the ones at Mudeford which change hands for well over £100,000 each) to rent here - if you can go outside the summer holidays there is even one with an actual price listing of £450 a week - but worth trying the others perhaps. Train to Christchurch direct from Waterloo, probably quickest though if you change along the way, from Oxford change at Basingstoke. Probably need a taxi from there to Mudeford Quay to catch the little ferry over to the Spit.

Or a youth hostel - e.g. YHA Castleton is fairly near Edale station which is about 3 hours from St Pancras or Euston, and still just about has family rooms in August, e.g. family room sleeping 3 around 22 August for four nights at around £70 a night still available. Gorgeous area (I've stayed at YHA Edale but not Castleton) and even if your child is young Mam Tor is a doable walk with nice stone path.

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