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Kos / Zante children's hospitals

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LurcherLovers Wed 27-Apr-16 22:50:07

Has anyone done this trip with an anaphylactic child?

Or just used any of the private hospitals... ? What are the fists involved? The reviews for the state ones are abysmal...

We would consider staying near to a 24 hour children's hospital, a private one.

LurcherLovers Thu 28-Apr-16 08:01:14

Bump... And I'm interested in knowing the private healthcare costs might be in these islands - and not the fists ....

LurcherLovers Thu 28-Apr-16 10:38:10


specialsubject Thu 28-Apr-16 14:13:17

Your travel insurance would or should get you private care if needed, as long as you declare the condition.

LurcherLovers Fri 29-Apr-16 21:05:45

Thanks we will have insurance - but I was wondering if anyone knows whether there are private paediatricians on the islands that could deal with anaphylaxis... Worst case scenario we could require an ambulance and prompt medical treatment... Thank you

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