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Just the two of us - holiday with my daugher

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AdviceChat Wed 27-Apr-16 15:03:35

Hi, I'm looking for ideas to go on holiday with my daughter (12) in early Aug. It will just be the two of us! We're reasonably active, was thinking Europe. I have been to Croatia so was thinking about Split or Pula, or somewhere like Malta. Not a huge budget. Happy to self-cater. Any thoughts welcome. Thanks ;)

NicknameUsed Wed 27-Apr-16 22:25:27

DD and I went to Lake Garda when she was 13 and had a brilliant time. We had been before, but to another resort.

Croatia is lovely as well. We stayed in Baska Voda on the Makarska riviera the first time and Dubrovnik the second time.

whattodoforthebest2 Thu 28-Apr-16 05:23:25

Have you thought of travelling around instead of staying in a single destination? You can get interrail tickets for a single country, so you could get the Eurostar to Paris and then use your interrail ticket to visit several towns/cities in France in a loop, ending up back in Paris for the Eurostar home. Book accommodation as you go or in advance thru or Air BnB.

I did this with 3DC a few years ago, it was a fab holiday. You can book a sleeper cabin for the two of you and do an overnight train ride on a longer distance, which is a great experience too has loads of information and ideas.

Actually, writing this is tempting me to do it again this year, it'll be just me and DD16 this time. smile

AdviceChat Thu 28-Apr-16 15:04:00

Thanks NicknamedUsed and whattodoforthebest2. I appreciate both your ideas and will have a look into them.

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