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Special assistance in Bristol Airport

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cowssheephens Sun 24-Apr-16 09:37:53

We will be flying from Bristol with our DC. Our eldest has autism and chronic disease and wondering if we could ask for special assistance?

She is unable to queue for long periods and gets anxious stressed about it. She can also feel very overwhelmed if there is a lot of people. We haven't flown since she was a baby.

Has anyone flown from Bristol and used the special assistance? What is the protocol? Many thanks

sirfluffalot Sun 24-Apr-16 09:49:40

Hello, we've just travelled through Bristol airport on crutches. The airport staff couldn't have been more helpful. We didn't use special assistance but were fast tracked through all the queues in security and at the gate regardless. I did notice a separate area for special assistance customers and they have a vehicle for taking you to the gate if you need it.

I was so impressed with them so I wouldn't worry at all.

wonkylegs Sun 24-Apr-16 10:31:57

Regularly fly to Bristol, I've used it for mobility issues, it's not as good as my local airport (Newcastle) and last time I was there it was quite disorganised. I suspect it may be a little hit and miss but it's worth a try especially as I find Bristol a bit more crowded and chaotic due to its layout.

wonkylegs Sun 24-Apr-16 10:37:10

I booked special assistance in advance through Easyjet. When you book in they will direct you to a special desk but when we were there it wasn't manned so you had to use the phone and they directed you through security (bit of a palaver - fast tracked but clueless of what to do with somebody on crutches who couldn't walk through without them), they then directed to another desk where I had to wait as they weren't very organised, despite booking in advance they were very surprised about the whole thing, but you did get a dedicated place to sit and wait.

cowssheephens Sat 30-Apr-16 09:25:30

Thanks both, I will phone up a couple of weeks before flying and hopefully they will be able to help.

KatieMoragsMum Sun 15-May-16 09:20:10

Hi, just wondering how you got on? We are flying from Bristol at the end of May, and I'm on crutches following spinal injury and surgeries. I've booked assistance, but plan to phone the airport and airline anyway. I can't walk long distances, or stand in queues for ages. Were they helpful to you?

sayhellotoishi Fri 23-Sep-16 17:16:35

Many airports provide these services else you can also opt in for professional airport assistance services. I work for one such company MUrgency airport assistance. you can check out their services on

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