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Cyprus is going to be too hot isn't it?

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WeevilKnievel Sun 24-Apr-16 08:34:36

Just booked Cyprus for the last week of August. Did loads of research into hotels, took ages to decide, I did look on the holiday weather website for averages in August, it said highs of 32 deg.
Just looking at random stuff online last night and I saw a ' Mirror' headline that said last August in Cyprus was 57deg!!!
I then went on to read at that time its usual to be well into the 40's!
I don't think we can cope with that, I'm now thinking of cancelling sad to book somewhere that doesn't have temperatures akin to the inside of the sun.
Anyone been there in August that didn't turn into a crisp?

Onykahonie Sun 24-Apr-16 10:55:48


We go to Greece in July/Aug and cope pretty well with a lazy pool/beach type holiday. I'd never attempt to go sightseeing in that heat though. That 57 C must be a sun temp, whereas the average temperatures are in the shade. 30 in the shade is more like 40 in the sun!

The beach and concrete/slabs around pools can get really hot,so you need flip flops or some sort of slip on beach shoes. We stay out of the sun in the middle of the day and start off with factor 50. Air con is also a must, as it can be in the 20s at night! It's worth taking a loose t-shirt for the kids to swim in too, to keep their shoulders out of the sun.

If you like the sun and have skin which tans, you'll be fine.If you're all fair and burn easily, you might want to rethink.


idontlikealdi Sun 24-Apr-16 11:05:03

It will be very hot. It's hot even in June.

WeevilKnievel Sun 24-Apr-16 11:45:51

No, I don't intend to do much more than read a book, and none of us are very fair skinned. Just thinking if I was to cancel and book elsewhere I can't really be guaranteed that any of the med resorts aren't going to be scorchio in August can I ?

WeevilKnievel Sun 24-Apr-16 12:04:40

I know, Idontlikealdi, Larnaca is going to be 31deg next week- according to my weather app shock

Costacoffeeplease Sun 24-Apr-16 12:08:28

I live in the Algarve and often them temp at the end of August is starting to cool slightly, so 28-32 instead of 32-36

DragonMamma Sun 24-Apr-16 12:11:07

My in laws live there and the last time we visited, it was early September and was mostly 42/43℃ and an absolute killer!

specialsubject Sun 24-Apr-16 12:19:57

Sun will be strong although less so than in june, science 101. Air temp will be higher. Wrong holiday for you by the sounds of it.

SooticaTheWitchesCat Sun 24-Apr-16 19:57:46

For a start don't believe what you read in the Mirror! The hottest temperatures on earth are less than that, Death Valley has the record temperature of 54c, the Sahara is slightly less. The hottest ever for Cyprus is probably mid 40s in a heatwave.

As someone mentioned above if there was ever a temperature of 57 it would be in direct sunlight. I have put a thermometer in direct sun in my garden in London and got 55 before now so that shows how accurate that is.

So, it will be hot in the summer but I don't expect it will get above the high 30s, similar to Turkey where we used to live and where we go a lot for holidays. It is a similar temperature in Greece and not much hotter that Spain or Italy in August.

Don't cancel, just make sure you have a pool and air conditioning and you will be fine.

WeevilKnievel Sun 24-Apr-16 20:35:23

Sootica- that's what I wanted to hear! I have been to Turkey in August, pre kids and it was in the 40's. But they're not tiny babies - youngest is 4 so I think they'll cope with a mix of kids club, the pool and a siesta if I'm lucky.
It's good to hear that Greece and Spain won't be much cooler, I guess if we want a beach holiday abroad in August this is what we're faced with <<first world problems>>

Hersetta427 Mon 25-Apr-16 08:17:05

We went to Cyprus the last 2 weeks in August last summer - yes it was hot but we all managed fine (kids were 8 and 4). They had sunsuits with hats and F50 on any exposed skin and were fine. They just alternated between the pool, sitting in the shade kids club and eating the all inclusive ice cream !. All the restaurants and rooms were air conditioned which was lovely if you fancied 10 mins out of the heat.

Am pretty much expecting the same this year when we go to Turkey.

WeevilKnievel Mon 25-Apr-16 12:04:18

Thanks Hersetta, that's good to hear! I was ridiculously excited when I booked it, after doing loads of research into hotels for weeks, so when I heard about the temps my heart sank.
If I changed the booking it would cost me £200, and the only other hotels on my shortlist were in Greece anyway so not sure I'd be gaining much really.
Have fun in Turkey, I love it there, last holiday we had was at Lykia world - fab place smile

Sidge Mon 25-Apr-16 12:29:56

We went to Cyprus last August for a wedding - on the wedding day it was 42 degrees in the sunshine and about 35 in the shade.

We had an air-conditioned villa, and spent the rest of the week in the pool. It was gorgeous.

Temperatures in the 30s are manageable, but you need to ensure your hotel room has air con and manage your sun exposure with shade, plenty of water, appropriate clothing etc.

WeevilKnievel Mon 25-Apr-16 13:26:44

The hotel does have air conditioning, so hopefully we'll be ok. I plan to keep the kids in spf suits in the water too, plus hats.
Will try to find somewhere in the Med a bit cooler for next August though I think...

ukgirlatheart Mon 25-Apr-16 13:35:57

We went 2nd week of August last year and it was unbareable. It was way too hot to do anything touristy, walk about even in the evening. It made it very uncomfortable. I would NEVER go again in August. We have been mid May before and that was gorgeous but out working dictated last years holiday dates and August was the only time we could go. Personally I wouldn't go any later than June very early July

ErgonomicallyUnsound Mon 25-Apr-16 16:36:20

We were in Greece last August during the heatwave and over 40 wasn't comfortable even with aircon. We couldn't sit outside at 9pm as it was too hot. By the second week it went down by a few degrees and was much more bearable. Last year was exceptionally hot and I understand not the norm.

numberseventeen Mon 25-Apr-16 16:42:10

I've done Greece in July and August win Ds(he's 5 now) and it's fine. Just be sensible with shade/water etc and u will be fine. Did Corfu last year and it crept into 40's most days, it doesn't feel as hot as it sounds imo

WeevilKnievel Mon 25-Apr-16 19:43:11

Hoping it might've cooled down a bit by the last week of August... I've only been in May before and agree the temperature was perfect then.
Thanks for all the replies, I think we're going to take our chances and fingers crossed there's no heatwave this year...

Hersetta427 Tue 26-Apr-16 08:17:12

Weevil, the positive thing about going in August is that the pools are never cold like they are in may!.

Heard good things about Lykia World - we usually inhabit a holiday village but this summer trying a sensatori instead. To be honest the kids have always ben fiine in the heat - its the adults who tend to flag a bit (I certainly did last May when we went to Egypt and it was 46 degrees!).

Artandco Tue 26-Apr-16 08:24:18

It's a nice time I think. My Dh family are from southern Greece. Most years we spend as much of August as possible there.

Last year the children were 4 and 5 and they stayed 7 weeks with grandparents between July and August school holidays ( Dh and I in and out with work). They loved it and didn't find it too hot. The temperature means everyone has siestas at hottest parts of day, and stay up later in evening. Means evenings out are nice and relaxed as children not overtired, and temperature isn't cold at night ( some parts of Spain it can get chilly in August once sun goes down)

You have a pool, have shade, suncream, get kids uv long sleeve swim tops, enjoy siestas and long evenings out with ice cream at 10pm

Yes it would be hot if you were working outside as labourer, but for a holiday with little required you can take each day as it comes

WeevilKnievel Tue 26-Apr-16 11:50:18

Hersetta, how exciting! I'd love to try a Sensatori, which one are you going to? We did a holiday village last year, but are trying a Thomson Family life this year. ( Saw them recommended on here)
Thanks for the positive replies, you've really made me feel better.

Hersetta427 Tue 26-Apr-16 13:51:32

We are trying Fethiye. Was a toss up between there and Side, but Fethiye has a few big water slides to keep the kids happy. Looking forward to that little tough of luxury that the HV's lack (and the branded drinks won't hurt either), will be a nice change after 6 years at HV's.

WeevilKnievel Tue 26-Apr-16 14:59:14

Agree about the HV's lacking luxury, though haven't tried the Rhodes one, think its supposed to be a bit better?
Have a great time!

WeevilKnievel Tue 26-Apr-16 14:59:19

Agree about the HV's lacking luxury, though haven't tried the Rhodes one, think its supposed to be a bit better?
Have a great time!

WeevilKnievel Tue 26-Apr-16 14:59:26

Agree about the HV's lacking luxury, though haven't tried the Rhodes one, think its supposed to be a bit better?
Have a great time!

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