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Time difference 5hrs with 14 wk old

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Rufus200 Fri 22-Apr-16 13:21:25

Going to Florida with DS when he is 14wks for 2 wks. Do we try and change his routine to Florida time or keep him on UK time and just get up very early USA time etc?

He normally gets up for the day at 10am after a 7am feed. He does sleep through the night and goes to bed at 11pm. I think it is a 5hr time difference.

Janek Sun 24-Apr-16 09:22:10

I think keeping his current routine while away is a great idea. And if you could put everything back by an hour, then you wouldn't be doing anything crazy at all - up at 6 and in bed at 7 is what my kids did for years.

We always stay on uk time when we go to Europe, so bedtime was 8 o'clock (7 English time) and then awake at 8am, made it slightly easier to go out for dinner, kids are pleased they are allowed to stay up 'late'. Everyone's a winner!

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