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Unheated pool in Brittany in July. too cold for toddler??

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Minkymooks Mon 18-Apr-16 10:36:47


Found a lovely cottage complex in Brittany for 2 weeks in July but their pool is unheated - will be a focal part of the holiday for children - 4 yrs and 18 month old. Not sure whether to risk it or do you think it will be too cold for the little one?


BigGreenOlives Mon 18-Apr-16 10:39:47

I think it will be too cold. Brittany is about the same temperatures as Cornwall, maybe 1-3C warmer.

Pootles2010 Mon 18-Apr-16 10:43:19

Too cold. Unheated pools are for cooling off in a heatwave, not for normal use.

Minkymooks Mon 18-Apr-16 10:51:43

thanks - I am sat here with goosebumps thinking about it!
Will keep looking


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