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Where should I go on holiday?

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JoJoManon Sun 17-Apr-16 18:50:29

Hi there
I'm a SAHM with a 2 year old, thinking of heading abroad for the month of June.
Anyone got any ideas of where to go?

Ideally somewhere with a nice beach, plenty of shops, and activities etc, all within walking distance as I don't want to drive whilst there. Thinking somewhere in Mallorca (though not sure where) or Costa Del Sol but want to avoid the England shirt wearing masses.

NicknameUsed Mon 18-Apr-16 08:58:49

Croatia. We went there about 5 years ago and the Brits hadn't yet rediscovered it. The place we stayed at wouldn't be suitable for a 2 year old as the pool was only suitable for people who could already swim, and the beach is pebbly. You can google sandy beaches in Croatia and there will be plenty of suggestions. You will also avoid the school holidays by going in June.

CocktailQueen Mon 18-Apr-16 09:00:19

I'd suggest the Costa Brava. Friendly people, lots of quieter resorts, beaches sandy and safe, sea clean. We got the train there last year and are going back this year.

Costacoffeeplease Mon 18-Apr-16 09:05:00

What about the Algarve? It's not all football shirt wearing Brits

I live here, and especially in June it's quieter with either families with pre-school children, or older couples. I live in Carvoeiro, nice sandy beach, lots of self catering accommodation and plenty of restaurants/shops/cafes to walk to

ihatethecold Mon 18-Apr-16 09:27:55

Carvoeiro is lovely, but isn't the sea really cold?

Costacoffeeplease Mon 18-Apr-16 10:11:49

It's the Atlantic, so yes it can be a little - bracing smile all adds to the fun!

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