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Beach holiday baby swimwear

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Cazilou Tue 12-Apr-16 08:18:16

Please help me I'm so confused! We are off on an all inclusive beach holiday with an 8 month old next month and I'm not sure what swimwear to get for her. She had a happy nappy swimsuit but has just grown out of it and I don't think it's going to be good for her anyway as it's tricky to get on and off. We are likely to be spending a good few hours at a time on the beach and will likely be in and out of the sea so I don't want to keep changing her all the time. I was thinking of getting a popper bottom swimsuit of some kind then putting either a happy nappy or disposable nappy underneath which I can then change to a normal nappy when we are just playing on the beach so she doesn't wee everywhere, does that sound practical? I was going to get a poncho style or hooded towel to wrap her in after swimming so that she can dry but don't want to have to keep changing her swimsuit.

Obviously I'm only talking a few hours at a time not a whole day I will get her changed into clothes to go and get lunch and have a nap etc just thinking about the time on the beach (or at the side of the pool for that matter!

What has everyone else done in this situation?

Solasum Tue 12-Apr-16 08:22:54

Slightly damp sandy swimwear is very abrasive. We went for sunhat, tshirt and swim nappy.

Swifey Tue 12-Apr-16 08:23:07

I have ds's, but have always used the all in one suits. Either from next, boden or john Lewis. I have two or three with us at any time. And yes to the poncho, but make sure it's a towelling one, ours are from john Lewis, as some are a kind of fleece fabric which doesn't do the job at all!

mummyla Tue 12-Apr-16 08:24:20

We are going in May to an AI beach holiday, our wee one is 21 months. I have a couple of the UV 2 piece swimwear sets, they are wee shorts and a top, ideal as keeps her covered! We use little swimmers nappies for swimming lessons so will take them with us! We got a couple of poncho beach towels from matalan and saonsburys for her! We have a uv sun cover for buggy also! Enjoy smile

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