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African Safari

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NanaNina Sat 09-Apr-16 18:50:34

I'm a bit embarrassed about posting because I did a few months ago and got some really helpful replies, but I've lost them. One poster gave me her MILs details (she organises holidays in Africa) Anyway somewhat rashly I offered to pay for my son and grand-daughter to pay for a safari holiday and I had about 5 grand in mind, but looking on the internet it's more like 10 grand!!

Can anyone offer any advice (other than the obvious to forget the whole idea!) There is a special reason for this holiday.

RNBrie Sat 09-Apr-16 18:58:35

I went with Dragoman and it wasn't too pricy but you travel by bus, sleep in tents every night and everyone on the tour helps cook/clean etc. It was easily one of the best holidays I've ever had. It's not for everyone by a long shot and I'm not sure how old your grand daughter is, it's probably not a suitable way of doing a safari with small children.

lljkk Sat 09-Apr-16 19:04:09

8 days for less than £2k per person.
Or Tanzania 10 days for under £2800 per person.

I was happy when I travelled with that company last yr (disclaimer: not a safari trip per se, but also in Kenya). Others on my trip had had many good experiences with them.

revealall Sat 09-Apr-16 21:13:46

This lot do lots of different Safaris with special family tours.

revealall Sat 09-Apr-16 21:17:42

This one is for 10-16 years and less than £1,800. Have to add the costs of going in term time though..

NanaNina Sat 09-Apr-16 21:31:13

Thank you for the replies. I'm getting excited! My grand-daughter is 16 and a real animal lover.

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