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holiday 2017

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KLHL777 Sun 03-Apr-16 12:43:57

Has anyone got any recommendations for a really good family holiday for kids with a bit of an age gap?

I'm thinking about Easter/summer 2017 when my DCs will be 8, 2 and 1. I would like something that's very baby friendly but also really exciting for the 8 yr old. Also as I'll just be back off maternity leave it would be good if it wasn't too expensive, but I have got some scope to save between now and then.

Ideas so far have been

Eurocamp: can anyone recommend a good one for these ages? Any in particular I should avoid?

Hiring a camper van and motoring around Europe for a week or two: anyone done this? Can they recommend any good routes/sites/van hire companies or idea of cost?

We are open to ideas, but would like something with plenty of activities, preferably quite outdoorsy. Also something that enables us to have our own space so if the baby is crying we don't have to worry about the neighbours too much.

I had also considered cruises but they were coming in at about 7k for us which is too much for next year.

Any help would be great!!

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