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Country Houses to Rent in England - Hereford/Worcester

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oiseau Wed 26-May-04 09:59:07

I am looking for a really top quality country house/cottage to rent for my Mum's 70th Birthday in the Hereford/Worcester/Cotswolds. Does anyone know any good companies that do this sort of thing - it would be great if they can arrange catering as well for one evening.

CountessDracula Wed 26-May-04 10:02:10

How about this one has a good search facility and does lots of bigger houses

CountessDracula Wed 26-May-04 10:02:27

how many people?

CountessDracula Wed 26-May-04 10:13:44

This one looks lovely

As does this with outdoor pool

marialuisa Wed 26-May-04 10:51:42

Having a far too close relationship with the owners of the houses in whitchurch/Symonds Yat I wouldn't recommend them. the one with the pool is very hard to access and not esp. safe with kids (the pub mentioned is a dive), you also have about 6 Amsterdam style barges going past full of tourists all day, everyday.

Other house has nice views of the A road down to Cardiff.

Sorry CD, don't mean to offend, just one of those weird moments when you know far too much about somewhere!

oiseau Wed 26-May-04 13:24:47

It's for 10 people plus separate baby room (I can't sleep with ds in my room - too snuffly!)so looking for six bedrooms.

CD - I thought those two looked really great and got quite excited. But the inside info from marialuisa has put me off!

I'll have a search on hidays - thanks for that.

CountessDracula Wed 26-May-04 13:48:12

marialuisa how weird is that? They look so nice from the outside too! Probably best to get recommendation from someone who has actually been somewhere!

reddevil Wed 26-May-04 13:55:15

You could maybe try Brian Viner's (writer in the Independent)holiday cottages somewhere in Herefordshire? I haven't been but they sound lovely in his articles!
Details on

CODalmighty Wed 26-May-04 13:56:07

ooh dont geo to herefordshire

reddevil Wed 26-May-04 14:00:57


CODalmighty Wed 26-May-04 14:04:15

in laws live there#

the land that time forgot

CookieMonster Wed 26-May-04 14:12:53

oi watch it cheeky codfish .... I'm from there originally and parents still live there ... might have to send the Young Farmers around to sort you out

marialuisa Wed 26-May-04 15:01:31

Trying to think of nicer places in Herefordshire, prefer the north/Golden Valley myself, but it's very rural.

So, do we know Coddy's in-laws??

CookieMonster Wed 26-May-04 15:12:48

we might .... it's the sort of place where everybody knows everybody else. If I go for a visit and Mum and I walk through town, she has to stop and talk to about 25 people !! Takes ages to get any shopping done!

marialuisa Wed 26-May-04 15:29:23

Yes, I find it lightly disconcerting to walk through Hightown with DD and see my old teachers!

CookieMonster Wed 26-May-04 15:52:29

oiseau, sorry, didn't mean to hijack your thread ... I'm afraid that because I lived round there and have family there, I have no idea about houses to rent because I've never had the need.

Please ignore the codfish - it is a lovely part of the world

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