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Rome with a toddler - on a budget

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SwimInTea Wed 30-Mar-16 15:05:08

Hi all,

We have to attend a friend's wedding in Rome in July and I would really like to stay back for a few more days and not just go there for the wedding. Having said that, we just bought a new place which we are completely doing up, so we don't have a lot of spare cash smile
The last time I was in Rome, it was almost 10 years back - I was travelling alone and absolutely loved it! I was there for 5 whole days and still couldn't get enough of it! This time I will be going with DH and 3 yo DS....

So my questions are....
1. Realistically, how many days do I need in Rome to see the main sights without being rushed around?
2. I would need at least an entire day to cover Vatican right?
3. Can I do Florence as a day trip (I want to see David!) ?
4. Any recommendations for cheap, clean and safe accommodations?
5. How easy is it to cater for a child with multiple food allergies? (allergic to gluten, soya, nuts and eggs)

TIA smile

mummymeister Wed 30-Mar-16 16:26:32

I would go for an apartment - romelofts is a good website to start on so that you can then easily cater for your little one and their allergies. I would say at least 6 days if you want to do the day trip to Florence as well. would it be easier to fly from Rome to Florence?

also bear in mind the queues to see david are horrendous. do you want to inflict hours and hours queueing on your child especially as there will be a fair bit of this in Rome?

SwimInTea Wed 30-Mar-16 18:50:21

Thanks mummy

When you say 6 days, I am guessing you mean apart form the day that we spend at the wedding? Hmmm.... not sure if I can get away for that long. Shall have a think about it...

SwimInTea Wed 30-Mar-16 19:02:10

Also, I hear what you say about the queues. If it gets too much for DS I know DH wouldn't mind taking DS to a nearby park while I go and see David smile

I am the one insisting on doing the day trip to Florence because the way I see it, I don't want to go all the way to Rome and miss David one more time!

mummymeister Thu 31-Mar-16 09:27:44

I think we waited 3 hours in the queue and that was getting there very first thing in the morning. we were staying in Florence so it didn't matter.

revealall Thu 31-Mar-16 14:19:38

Personally I think you may have to lower expectations with a 3 year old in July. It will be very hot and very busy. Even if you book stuff online to miss the queues you will have to contend with the masses once you get in.
It will be hell with a buggy too. It's all cobbles. And yes I know Romans have child but they aren't pushing through 1,000's of strangers to see the Pantheon or Trevi fountain.
I love Rome but it's a totally different experience with a child ( done it twice with and twice without and know which I preferred!)

It is cheap enough to get to Rome these days - return flights are £70 with most carriers. Why not do it properly another time when DC is older or you and DH can get a sitter.
Sounds daft but I have done it as a day trip too. Flew in, taxi to Colosseum , looked round Palentine hill and Forum ,underground tour, taxi to St Peters, walk to Castel San Angelo look round have lunch. Walk to Trevi via Pantheon. Tea at the park plus bike ride round. Taxi to airport at 7.30 home at midnight our time. And that was with a child and two OAP's!

SwimInTea Thu 31-Mar-16 16:44:20

revealall Rome in a day !! shock shock I am impressed !

I guess you are right - we will have to lower or expectations. Right now we are thinking of 6 nights including the wedding day and we will go with the flow and take it slow if it becomes overwhelming for DS. As you said, we could always go back smile

revealall Thu 31-Mar-16 17:21:20

It's way easier than you think. Wouldn't do it in July though!

You'll have an amazing time anyway I'm sure. Where are they getting married? I second the idea of an apartment.. you'll get more space and the food issue will be easier. Just make sure there is lift acess. Lots don't.

wish I had friends/ family who'd get married somewhere lovely.envy

revealall Thu 31-Mar-16 17:33:54

Rome is really close to some nice beaches too. It's not the same but you could have a nice beach holiday with the little one. There are some amazingly well preserved sites by the coast too if you need a bit "more".

wingingit123 Mon 25-Apr-16 23:23:56

Not sure if you've already booked but we have just been to Rome with a toddler, it was amazing! We found the buggy really easy and everyone loved making a fuss of him! Yes it's not the same as pre toddler holidays but we had lots of fun and got to do almost everything we planned

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