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Budapest budget

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anotherusernameugh Wed 16-Mar-16 10:35:01

Going to Budapest for four days, how much money should we take out? Restaurants will be a mix of moderately priced to one nice dinner and we're not massive drinkers.

Hairyfairy01 Tue 05-Jul-16 12:19:02

Sorry you got no replies to his one. Did you have a good time? We are going for four days in August. Did you find it expensive?

slug Tue 05-Jul-16 13:25:48

HairyFairy, if you are going to be in Budapest over St Stephen's day (August 20) there's a big fair in the castle as it's Hungary's national day. It's full of stalls, traditional crafts, goulash etc and the fireworks are spectacular.

5Foot5 Tue 05-Jul-16 13:30:52

We had four days in Budapest in February. I think the "how much money to take" is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string really as there are meals to suit all budgets. I didn't think it was terribly expensive, possibly slightly cheaper than UK. However, things have happened since then grin

If you arrive by train then beware of the taxi drivers at the station. We got ripped off massively.

Favourite restaurant was this Szazeves. We went there twice, first night and last.

ladydoer Fri 08-Jul-16 14:47:32

Visiting Budapest pretty often lately (my cousin married 2 years ago there).

A meal, for 2 of us, would cost around 50 euros with the drinks. Coffee and cake would be around 5-8 euros per person. Maybe just those on the main street are a bit more expensive.
Museums, etc would be up to 6-8 euros per person
Transport was inexpensive. Hotels too (well, depends what you are looking for). Don't miss travelling by boat alongside the Danube - my favorite part!
It's cheaper than Italy and France for example.
Hope this helps figure everything out. Be sure to exchange money in banks or pay with card, couple of times got really bad exchange rates in xchange offices on the street (due to commissions of some kind, didn't notice them)
Overall great city, you'll love it!

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