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Travel Vietnam during Tet holiday 2017

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adancopper Wed 16-Mar-16 07:15:24

I traveled Southeast Asia one time last year but i've ever traveled Vietnam in Tet holiday. I read and hear about amazing time in Tet holiday of Vietnam so much, so i really want to visit here one time to enjoy it. My question:
1, Where should i want to go in Vietnam during Tet holiday?
2. What are tips to travel in the time?
3, I should book tour to travel or DIY?
Thanks alot

adrianlopez Thu 17-Mar-16 03:22:11

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angellababy Fri 18-Mar-16 02:40:05

I traveled Vietnam during Tet Holiday but 2 year ago. I think i can give you some tips/advices for the travelling. First, if you want to travel DIY, you should book hotel before Jan because after that the price for hotels will be raise or they will close. Furthermore, you should change money to VND before travelling, during tet holiday all banks and golden stores will close. Then, about destinations, you can visit temples or enjoy flower festival and fireworks festivals at puplic areas. If you want to book tour, you can find on If any questions, you can ask me.
Happy travels!

adancopper Mon 21-Mar-16 07:52:00

Thank @angella for useful advices. I can ask you some questions, ok ?
2 years ago, you traveled by yourseft or tour agency. Actually, 3 times i visited SEA by agency so i am not sure about itinerary and something like that.

ShanghaiDiva Mon 21-Mar-16 11:07:03

Vietnam DIY is easy - just need to arrange your the visa application - two stage process - letter and then you need photos and complete the arrival form. I think the letter is about 18 dollars and 45 dollars on arrival.
Personally I wouldn't travel there during tet as the Vietnamese are all travelling and everywhere will be packed. Tet is the same time as CNY so SE Asia is pretty packed at this time of year and you need to book accommodation well in advance.

angellababy Tue 22-Mar-16 04:03:10

I have to say that I've ever traveled DIY lol. 2 years ago, Vietnam Tour Booking agency was make a plan for me. Therefore, you can visit the website or read reviews on Tripadvisor, I'll send you link:
Happy travels!

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