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Kerala, India recommendations for hotel (yoga, outdoor activities, Ayurvedic etc)

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Lindsay81 Wed 09-Mar-16 09:44:56

I will be in India for work at the end of June (I know, I know... HOT!) and my husband is planning on coming out towards the end of my trip so we can stay on a bit.

We are looking for a hotel, not an organised/ scheduled retreat, with the option for yoga classes and Ayurvedic treatments (mainly for me) and in a location there is plenty to do (e.g. treks, canoe trips etc). Nice location and scenery would be good.

Has anyone done anything like this and can make a recommendation?

marcopront Fri 25-Mar-16 04:19:40

It will not be that hot but it will be wet, Monsoon starts in June. Hot is relative though it is 29 in Mumbai, where I am, and I think it is cold.

Why Kerala? Most hotels will do some classes and treatments and most of Kerala is lovely.

Ahrightsoted Fri 25-Mar-16 09:48:00

Years ago we stayed in a place called coconut bay beach resort years ago. It had a yoga center and Ayurvedic spa as well. This was about 12 yrs ago and I think it's been refurbished looking at the website. I had the best holiday ever, amazing place and people.
Would love to go again

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