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Special Easter Adventure with my mum - ideas please!

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Hillfarmer Sat 05-Mar-16 20:23:51

I'm a single parent and the dcs will be with my XH for a few days over Easter.

I want to have a special adventure with my mum.

My DM is 78, quite fit but recovering from cancer/chemo treatment. What shall we do to have fun over Easter? She absolutely lervvvvvs trains. Was thinking New York, but then thought anything that involves a sleeper train and some very nice food before, during or after would be heaven for her. Please can I have suggestions? Wondering about the Glacier/Bernina Express? I know it's not a sleeper but has anyone been on it?

A little adventure that I could shepherd her on would be lovely, however she gets quite knackered because of the chemo. I would love to do the Glacier Express but wonder if that is too much. Maybe a couple of days in a nice hotel would be good in the middle.

We're both quite foodie.

So, Trains and Food. All thoughts very welcome. It's getting a bit short notice!

Many thanks, Hill

mrsmortis Mon 07-Mar-16 10:11:43

I'd suggest you have a good look at Saga. They understand how to cater for people with physical limitations and door to door travel is a huge advantage. You don't need to be old enough in your own right as long as you are travelling with your Mum who is (a friend of mine went on a Saga holiday as a companion for his Grandmother when he was only 21!)

My Grandparents went on the Rocky Mountaineer with them and raved about it (they must have been in their early 70s at the time).

The other thing that you might want to consider is a cruise. Food is generally good and if it all gets too much for your mum she can do as little or as much as she likes.

And if you really want to travel in style, don't forget the orient express or one of it's sister trains...

mummymeister Mon 07-Mar-16 10:13:37

my parents did the rocky mountaineer as well. there is another train doing the same route in Canada that might be worth a look.

orient express weekend away?

cathcustardtart Tue 08-Mar-16 19:06:55

A word of caution, she might struggle to get travel insurance so maybe look into before booking.
Hope you find somewhere glorious.

Hillfarmer Tue 08-Mar-16 19:30:23

Thanks I'll look into it. Haven't quite got enough days now for Canada, but will investigate the insurance thing.

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