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Anyone done centre parcs Europe?

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Whatamuckingfuddle Fri 04-Mar-16 20:01:26

We're looking at skiing in one of the centre parcs in Europe early next year, but never been to centre parcs abroad. Has anyone done this? Would they do it again? We thought it might be a good stepping stone to 'proper' skiing the following year.

Chippednailvarnish Fri 04-Mar-16 20:10:27

I've been to a couple of the European ones, but not for skiing!
They are far cheaper than the UK, but I would make a point of paying for the most expensive accommodation you can afford. I don't think that the accommodation is at the same standard as the UK's.
The activities and bike hire are about 2/3rds of the price. The restaurants have all been of good quality. Generally I thought that they had more information about things to do in the surrounding area too.

Whatamuckingfuddle Fri 04-Mar-16 20:45:14

That sounds good, we've only done uk centre parcs twice and loved it but weren't too impressed with the accommodation so that's probably worth bearing in mind if Europe isnt so good. Is language much of a problem? We are embarrassingly bad in forrin countries when we have to try and communicate

Chippednailvarnish Fri 04-Mar-16 20:58:35

Everyone spoke English, French, Dutch, Flemish and German. I get the feeling they probably could have managed Swahili if they had too grin

Littlefiendsusan Fri 04-Mar-16 21:21:28

We've been to erperheide and vossemeren in Belgium but not for skiing. I think kempervennen in the Netherlands has a dry ski slope?
Both were great value for money and easy to drive to from Calais.
As pp says, go for the best accommodation you can, not that it's tragic but can be a bit tired looking ime.
The cycling is what really does it for us, loads of comprehensive routes all around CP, quiet roads and an opportunity to explore when you've done your swimming and activities.
We plan to go again and would defiantly recommend.

Whatamuckingfuddle Fri 04-Mar-16 21:31:39

The cycling does look really good. I'm now wondering whether to test it out for our summer holiday. Thank you for the replies

Littlefiendsusan Fri 04-Mar-16 21:34:28

Language difference no problem!

Littlefiendsusan Fri 04-Mar-16 21:36:17

Er, definitely, not defiantly blush

mrsmortis Mon 07-Mar-16 08:41:42

Not been skiing but: Check what each one offers in advance. Some of the smaller ones don't have the range of activities or as big a pool as the UK ones (we actually find that better with small children)

Oh and in the german ones at least bedding/towels aren't included in the headline cost. Remember to take that into account.

wannabestressfree Mon 07-Mar-16 08:48:24

Just out of interest what's not to like about the accommodation here?

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