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Budget fun for toddler and mum!

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Torchlight86 Thu 03-Mar-16 05:53:57

Hi, I wonder if anyone could recommend somewhere me and my son (3) could go for an over night stay, somewhere in the uk not more than a few hours from Lincolnshire preferably, The critiria I have is that I'd like it to be somewhere fun for my son, either somewhere close to an activity we can do such as zoo, theme park or wood/walk area we can explore or possibly somewhere a bit different like glamping or pods that can be an adventure in themselves, I have looked at legoland and peppa pig world and got quite excited on peppa pig one as it said overnight stay and 2day tickets from £40, but when I checked availability it doesn't matter what day I choose there's nothing less that about £130! I always hear of people getting really good over night deals on places but I can't seem to find any myself! sad I have checked wowcher and groupon but haven't seen anything suitable! So any suggestions on places or ways I can get a cheap deal would be very much appreciated thanks x

mummymeister Thu 03-Mar-16 09:07:53

you can stay in a Travelodge near LEGOLAND and have 2 day trips out from there. if you can avoid school hols its always cheaper.

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