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Vendee - France

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Lovetoeatcake Mon 29-Feb-16 11:51:54

We are having a Eurocamp holiday to the Vendee and would love to know if anyone would recommend North or South. We are thinking Les Ecureuils in the North or Bel Campsite further South.
Have never been to the Vendee before so any info would be fab.

Helenluvsrob Mon 29-Feb-16 11:54:31

We spent may happy summers in Jard Sur Mer when the kids were little. It was lovely.

ShinySarah Tue 01-Mar-16 10:19:40

We were in Saint Jean du Monts and surrounding areas last year and it was fabulous! Wanted to go back this year but just had another LO!!! Will be returning next year definitely! It was fabulous!!

ParsleyTheLion1 Tue 01-Mar-16 20:24:10

My family spent a month every summer till I was 18 in Notre Dame de Monts (village just north of St Jean de Monts referred to by ShinySarah, and far less developed than St Jean de Monts). I'm 36 now and my mum bought a little place 6 years ago in Notre Dame De Monts and I am now taking my 14 month old there for holidays. The beaches round there are lovely....they're vast and sandy. (I've tried to attach some pics I took last year...not sure if it will work) And it's great for small children because the land gently slopes into the sea so there's plenty of sea to play in before it gets too deep.
The land around is extremely flat so it's great for cycling...we always hire bikes and there are some fab cycle routes in the dunes, running parallel to the sea. The islands of Noirmoutier and l'Ile D'yeu, which are off this part of the Vendee, are well worth day trips.
I'm sorry - I can't tell you much about the south as I don't know it.

hp2 Tue 01-Mar-16 20:31:29

We have stayed at les ecureuils once but then had 2 consecutive years at le Clarys plage amazing site two great play areas, pools busy but don't get too overcrowded. Supermarket within walking distance so near they don't have a camp shop .lots of nice beaches nearby and some great patisseries .After 3 yrs in the same area we are having a change this yr , I really hope it lives up to Clarys plage. We haven't told the kids yet they still think we are going back!!!

BonitaFangita Tue 01-Mar-16 20:32:00

Went to Bel probably about 7 years ago and had a great time. It's quite a small park but was very well managed when we went. There's a beautiful big beach close by, but be careful swimming as there is a rather strong current. There was a waterpark that was fun but very busy. the main resort is about a kilometre away and just lovely <you must try the chi chis>
I've not been to other Vendee resorts but always find Eurocamp resorts to be of a very good quality.

Tigresswoods Tue 01-Mar-16 20:48:13

We've been to Les ecrueils (we call it Squirrel town) twice. We're going again in August. Great location!

MrsSparkles Fri 04-Mar-16 17:47:06

We went to Bel last year - our only eurocamp so I have nothing to compare it to, but we had a fab time! It's a small campsite, close to town beach and supermarket.

On the plus side - the bread man - amazing! Beautiful beaches and a lovely waterpark close by, and a short walk to town where there were lots of shops and restaurants. It's in La Tranche sur Mer which is a lovely town. Childrens activities for a 3-4 year old were great, out DD loved them.

The downside - it was small, noisy if you were next to the road, and only quite a basic swimming pool. I can imagine children older than 7 being a bit bored there.

Lovetoeatcake Sat 05-Mar-16 11:43:34

Thanks all for some really good advice ParsleyTheLion1 the photos look fantastic, stunning beaches 😊

ParsleyTheLion1 Sun 06-Mar-16 19:35:40

I should point out that those pics were taken in June... it does get busier in the height of summer. But there's still plenty of beach to go around if you're willing to walk to either side of village part of the sea front....
Weather wise, I experienced the hottest weather I've ever experienced at the end of that month. It hit 35 degrees. It was so weird. We couldn't actually leave the house during the day...not with a 6 month old anyway.
the area does tend to have a micro-climate. But not that high in June!

frenchfancy Wed 09-Mar-16 14:16:42

The south Vendee is much nicer than the north, and generally less crowded.

HettyD Wed 09-Mar-16 21:14:42

The squirrels was ok...but prefer southern vendee, le pin parasol was particularly amazing!!

campfan Thu 10-Mar-16 22:38:28

Eurocamp or canvas holidays to la Garangeoire in vendee. Be quick though it books up!
The campsite has a few gites which are a great compromise if you don't fancy mobile home/ tent. You can still use all campsite facilities and they have loads on for kids.

Goatcoat Sun 13-Mar-16 07:49:03

Ooh we're looking at this region too. Anyone know what the weather will be like at the end of June?

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