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Help! Non EU national married to Eu national settled in uk.

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Monali Thu 25-Feb-16 17:43:46

To keep it short, I'm a Pakistani wife married to an irish national who currently is in uk.

I want to apply for my visa from Pakistan
But am confused.

1. Should I apply for EEA family permit or settlement of wife of an eea national?

2. I travel to and back to UAE and hold a residence visa, last I came back was in September 2015 and my 6 months will complete in march 2016, would I still need a TB certificate?

3. My husband says I don't need an English language test as a spouse of eea national. But just in case I want to know if I need one. I've done bachelors in arts in English advance but my final year result is not out yet. Thus I have no prove that I did that yet.

4. Do I need to answer every unnecessary question in the VAF5 form i.e EEA family permit as a spouse of eea national?

I'll update my queries if I have any.
I want to apply my visa asap.
Waiting for replies and thank you in advance.
Mona ali

goshnotme Sat 27-Feb-16 17:58:46

Monali, I don't think we have enough expertise to be able to help you with this. Do an internet search and try to find a forum which deals specifically with visas to the UK - that might help more. Sorry not to be more help.

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