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Vancouver hotels & activities please

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Celeriacacaca Thu 25-Feb-16 12:57:00

I'm looking for hotel and what-not-to-miss for a four day stay in Vancouver in late July for two adults and two teens please. Comfortable centrally located hotel, not expensive/luxurious, is fine. Happy to bypass whale watching as have done it before. Other recommendations gratefully received.

mummymeister Thu 25-Feb-16 13:58:40

we went a couple of years ago and had 4 nights in an apartment which we really prefer. With 2 teens you will be looking at 2 rooms which does make it comparable in terms of price or even cheaper. if you want details, message me and I will send you the link.

we went to the museum place there with lots of science activities for kids which mine loved.

we also went around the park and played golf plus went up the mountains where you can do zip lining.

avoid china town at night it was horrible. the Chinese night market has been moved out of town, its a train ride away, and my 3 loved it there.

ShanghaiDiva Fri 26-Feb-16 13:09:14

Stayed here last year - location is great and breakfast was really good.
We walked around gastown
Stanley park
agree with Meister re China town at night
Vancouver Island is lovely if you are planning on going there after Vancouver.

Ooogetyooo Fri 26-Feb-16 14:22:14

We stayed in sunset inn and suites on Burnaby st which is handy for Stanley park. Well equipped kitchen very clean plenty of room quiet and had a/c.

Wadingthroughsoup Mon 29-Feb-16 13:08:36

I absolutely love Vancouver. I've been three times but stayed with family so I don't have accommodation recommendations.

If you are an active sort of family, hiring bikes to cycle round the sea wall (Stanley Park) is a lovely way to spend time.

Grouse mountain is good for walking and views and seeing bears (in captivity but good-sized enclosures!)

There are some fantastic beaches in and around the city. I love Kitsilano (a bit of an old hippie area) in particular. There's always lots going on there and it's really pretty.

The last time we went, we did the 'Sea Safari' from Horseshoe Bay, which is a ride on a pretty fast speedboat with some slowing down to look at seals...and expensive waterfront properties! There's also a lovely restaurant/pub at Horseshoe Bay, whose name I've forgotten but it's a very small place so you might stumble across it anyway.

If you are there on the 23rd, 27th or 30th July, then you're really lucky because those are the dates for the 'Celebration of Light', which is the most fantastic firework display I've ever seen. You can watch it from English Bay.

Bowen island is lovely for a visit too.

I'm so envious, you're going to have a fantastic time 😀

westcoast Mon 29-Feb-16 20:50:34 right down town and all rooms have a kitchen. They have two bedroom suites but for some reason are not showing up on the website. Perhaps pop them an email? Their rates are very reasonable, my husband is from British Columbia and we stay here at least twice a year.

Check out 'Fly Over Canada'

Granville Island Markets - plan to have lunch here you can buy a little of this a little of that from the vendors, they also have a food court area. You can take a water taxi to get there.

Gastown - there is a really good American style BBQ place called

Taking the 'sea bus' to North Vancouver can be a fun and economical way to see the inlet/harbour and also offers a great view of the city.

Whistler is also great for a day trip in the summer. You can rent bikes, take a 4x4 motorcycle tour, beach spotting tour, a the ski lift to the glacier.

Capitano Suspension Bridge.

Have fun!

westcoast Mon 29-Feb-16 20:51:53

Typo! I meant Capilano Suspension Bridge.

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