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Pushchair advice for first family holiday...

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bumpkin9 Mon 22-Feb-16 22:25:20

Dh and I are taking our daughter on holiday, she will be 11 months. We have an icandy peach 3 and are wondering wether to take this with us, or do we run too high a risk of it getting damaged, especially as it wasn't cheap to purchase.
I've been thinking about buying a secondary pushchair, more of an all-terain one as we live in the countryside and so would probably make use of an all-terain one for dog walking, jogging or taking out without worrying about it getting caked in mud!! My thoughts have been to buy the out and about nipper, because it doesn't seem too expensive (my icandy will still be primary in the UK so is it worth spending lots on second one!?)
What I'd really like some advice on please is which of my options would be best, from your heaps of past experience.
1) take the icandy in a travel bag
2) buy out and about and take on holiday - anyone with experience of this pushchair on holiday I'd love to hear it!
3) do something else?!
Your advice is greatly appreciated!

Iwillorderthefood Mon 22-Feb-16 22:28:34

I'd get one for travel. We did this as did not want to take our bugaboo and ended up using the Maclaren all the time.

I have no idea about the out and about nipper though.

Laquila Mon 22-Feb-16 22:31:50

In your situation I'd recommend a second-hand BJ City Mini, or maybe the GT version if you want all-terrain. There are loads on the BJ Facebook groups and on Gumtree.

Hersetta427 Tue 23-Feb-16 09:00:21

I would say a good quality umberella fold buggy like a maclaren techno XT. Easy to fold with one hand (whilst holding baby with the other) and lasts forever. Mine has given fantastic service for 7 years over 2 children.

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