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Road trip with a one year old

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araminem Mon 22-Feb-16 20:44:46

This might be us being crazy but we are planning a road trip in the coming months with our (then) 14mo DS. Any recommendations? The longest stretch we are planning in one day is of around 5 hrs (which can be split into bits as we have all day to do it). The other bits will probably be 2-3 hrs long max.

So any advice on keeping DS (14mo) entertained during the driving?

Artandco Mon 22-Feb-16 20:51:08

That's fine. We often drive London to Berlin with ours since newborn. At 1 year I would just allow for stopping every 2-3 hrs so they can get out and walk around a bit, clean nappy, bit of food etc. I never let mine eat in the car when moving due to choking hazard.

Story tapes/ downloads on phone are what we use. We always get stories that are child friendly but not adult tedious. no peppa pig for example. Something like Ronald Dahl/ Narnia.

Otherwise we don't entertain. Just leave them to look out of Windows, no toys. They will be more likely to fall asleep them also. Even now def no books or screens as wouldn't want them car sick

Artandco Mon 22-Feb-16 20:52:16

London -Berlin is done in one day usually here. Takes around 16 hrs with stops and ferry.

araminem Mon 22-Feb-16 20:55:36

Ah we will be driving in Germany. So sounds that that could be manageable. So your way of doing it is no entertainment except story tapes. Not sure my DS cares enough about stories being read at the moment. But maybe that will change in the next 2 months?

sunnydayinmay Mon 22-Feb-16 20:57:21

We regularly do long road trips with the dcs. With a 1 year old, we would stop every 2-3 hours, somewhere they could have a run/crawl around. Longest bits over nap times. We found some interesting playgrounds and gardens oven the years.

Twelve years on, we have never used a DVD etc. We chat, play games and they stare out of the window.

Artandco Mon 22-Feb-16 21:04:01

Yep story tapes or music. We swap between but now eldest is 6 we get ' ah no not that song', so stories easier.

I think when smaller is also sounds like they are being spoken to more with stories so mine went into a semi trance! But like I said, get stuff you will like also as wheels on the bloody bus for hours would drive you mad!

Oh also we start driving after some excercise if possible. For you on longer trip that would be something like up and ready and breakfast. 9-9.30am take him on long walk ( well him toddling along no pram), and then into car. He should be knackered by 9.30am at that age with exercise, and should sleep soon after. Can then have first stop around lunchtime

araminem Tue 23-Feb-16 12:04:51

Thanks for the advice. Yes to stop every 2-3 hrs. To be honest only on one day will we drive more than that. Our plan is to set off over his midday nap so we get a good stretch there on the first day (would be a 3h drive). He only started walking 2 weeks ago freely, so at the moment he doesn't walk outside (he has been sick one week). But I guess in 2 months time the walk outside to get him tired might be possible (and weather hopefully better)!

I never considered story tapes before so will look for something (have never used audiobooks either so far! I love reading but I hate having stuff in my ears so never listen to anything). What about podcasts? Something interesting for an adult maybe! And hopefully it sends DS into a semi trance :D.

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