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Driving w 7mo baby Pembroke-Cornwall

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Grok Sat 20-Feb-16 23:09:38

Hi all

Any tips for driving with our 7 month old baby from Pembroke to Cornwall? It will come after 4 hour ferry ride, and will take from about 2pm-7pm, which is her normal bedtime. We'll be travelling in a 3 car convoy and will obvs have to stop along the way.

I'm so worried she'll oversleep on the drive and then not sleep that night, or she'll get bored. Or uncomfortable - it's just a long trip on a Wed w a family wedding on the Sat when in hoping she'll behave for a babysitter 😬

Any advice for this first time mom??

Lalsy Sat 20-Feb-16 23:18:38

Do you have to get there by a certain time that night? If not, I would stop somewhere till closer to her bedtime (like a beach), have some fresh air and fun, change and feed her, and let her sleep in the car while you drive from say sixish, maybe breaking the journey overnight at a Travelodge or something?

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