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Any Southern France holiday villages with option of a few years cover for a 3yr old?

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busfull Sun 07-Feb-16 21:00:40

Hello everyone. Really like the look of a Siblu site but was wondering if any of you know of a place where there is the option of babysitting for a few hours - probably a couple of hours on an afternoon and maybe an evening out? Country Kids, Nielsen and Mark Warner places look fab but totally beyond our budget and we don't want / need daily care it would just be nice on occasion. Have two boys 6 and 3 our eldest is super social and loves football so I know he'll be fine anywhere but that leaves my youngest without his best buddy and although the Siblu place (carabasse which seems popular on here too) offers the bubble club the reviews suggest this is mainly indoors (and to be honest the tea and cake is the main attraction of toddler groups as far as I'm concerned). Alternatively if anyone knows anywhere where kids of 3 and six can be supervised together that would be ideal (they would also feel more comfortable together). We really enjoyed La Garangeoire in the Vendee (eldest was 2 so too young for kids club but we all loved the site) one year but it was a bit cold and wet tbh. We plan to drive down and back slowly as have a camper and stop off on the way so could go further e.g northern Spain / Italy if necessary. Many thanks x Nikki

busfull Sun 07-Feb-16 21:08:55

Araaaaaaa...a few hours's been a long day I promise that slip wasn't Freudian (I don't really want to palm my kids off till their teenagers honest!!!!!)

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