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Getting medication to USA

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luluskiptotheloo Tue 02-Feb-16 23:31:23

Dp is working over there and now needs more prescription medication sending to him as his stay has been extended. Can I FedEx it to him?
Someone said I will need a letter from his Dr to send with the tablets.
Anyone have any experience of this please?

Maisycat Wed 03-Feb-16 09:28:00

Can he take his medication to local pharmacist and ask their advice? I had to do this once (not US, but abroad) and the pharmacist got me an appointment with a local GP to get an emergency prescription, I had to get a copy of my prescription faxed from my GP. If you need to send them, this is advice from US customs,

tribpot Wed 03-Feb-16 09:46:43

Does he have health insurance? I think it would probably be simpler to get it prescribed there (backed up with a fax from his UK GP as Maisy says), maybe worth him calling his insurer for advice. I would also talk to a local pharmacist.

How urgently does he need more medication?

drspouse Wed 03-Feb-16 11:17:28

Some medication can be unavailable or cost e.g. $70 a tablet in the US (it doesn't cost the NHS that much, that's the retail cost). He will probably have travel insurance, it sounds like, which will just be for emergencies not to get more of a regular treatment.

My DH has diabetes and for an extended trip to the US he stockpiled his insulin and took enough for the weeks we were there. No use now, but it would be much better to do that.

VimFuego101 Wed 03-Feb-16 11:21:07

Presumably his employer has travel insurance for him to cover any medical treatment while he's out there (if not, I would be asking them why not!). If not, an urgent care (walk in center) will cost about $100 plus the cost of a prescription, which you can fill at CVS or Walgreens. I'd be surprised if you could Fedex it, I don't think you're allowed to send drugs. What is the medication?

luluskiptotheloo Wed 03-Feb-16 12:32:15

Thanks for all the info.
He did take enough medication for the trip as it stood when he left the Uk but then his company unexpectedly extended his stay.
He has not run out of medication but will need more in 2 weeks, so we have time to sort it.
He has insurance so maybe that would be worth investigating further.

specialsubject Thu 04-Feb-16 12:19:18

this is what insurance is for.

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