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What's the likelihood of getting last minute summer family holiday, in jul/Aug?

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Lucinda15 Sun 31-Jan-16 15:58:09

We just made a large purchase on our credit card which we aim to pay off by May. But that means no extra funds to put towards a summer holiday in till later in the year. DH says we can plan something last minute - but I'm just trying to gauge how realistic that is, as I think most holidays will be booked up by then.

So does anyone have any experience of this?

We are a family of 3 (DS 4yo), and would be looking to book a summer holiday in jun to go in jul/aug (all inc. or euro camp or self catering etc etc somewhere warm with beach/pool in Europe).


BackforGood Mon 01-Feb-16 00:40:05

I suspect that this year, there aren't going to be many 'spare' holidays being sold near to the time, as there will be not many holidays left.
All the people who would previously have gone to Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, and, to a lesser extent Greece and Cyprus will be likely to have booked to the Wes of the Med., and there aren't very likely to be many holiday spaces around I'd have thought....

<Disclaimer - I don't work in travel, just the random ponderings of a late night look through the internet>

mummymeister Mon 01-Feb-16 09:45:10

you are looking for a holiday in school summer holidays and will be very lucky to find something that is both available and that you want at the price you want. last minute bargains don't really exist at peak times. you will be left choosing from the holidays that no one else wanted to book. if that doesn't bother you and you don't care about it being really expensive that's fine.

If your ds is 4 then you probably haven't had to go on holiday in school holidays yet. it is hell. trying to find something that you want that isn't extortionate.

Plus this year with the Zika outbreak a lot of families that might have gone further afield to the Caribbean etc wont be and this will put even more pressure on Europe.

even booking now you might struggle to get exactly what you want.

My best advice is always book as early as possible if you are going at peak times.

BarbaraofSeville Mon 01-Feb-16 14:29:46

Do you have to go in July/August? September will still be hot in a lot of places, much cheaper and much more choice.

We always go in September and never book more than a couple of months in advance and have always found something suitable.

Seriouslyffs Mon 01-Feb-16 14:36:25

We've rarely booked more than a month in advance and have often got great discounts. And that's for 5. You'll be fine.

revealall Thu 04-Feb-16 19:05:09

Why do people always think there will be no "holidays" left? There are thousands and thousands of flights and hotels all over Europe and failing that ferries, trains and roads.
So you might not get the exact package holiday you have in mind but you can certainly find cheap flights and somewhere nice to stay if you book in May ( or even June).

Lucinda15 Fri 05-Feb-16 07:43:13

Thanks for the advice 👍🏻

We usually holiday in September but our son starting school this year. So it is our last chance to book outside of school holidays and I'm a bit gutted we cannot go earlier in year due to this debt. I have been looking though and think we may be able to do something in June. I didn't realise you can pay in instalments as well, and some places offer free kids spaces....looking good so far. Fingers crossed we can get something sorted.

Thanks all x

littlequestion Wed 10-Feb-16 11:26:02

You can always try booking direct with some hotels.. they tend to be slightly less busy right at the end of August. I'm not sure about flights, though.

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