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Barcelona and Costa Dorada/del Sol

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HolaKitty Mon 25-Jan-16 09:50:49

We're going to a wedding near Barcelona this July -- about 30 miles up the coast, past Mataro -- and I'm struggling to find possibilities for including a family holiday that our then-3yo DD will enjoy and that won't drive us too crazy. Really don't want to travel around too much, once we're there, but that whole stretch of coastline seems so uninspiring: sand and concrete, sand and high-rise hotels, industrial.

Am I missing something? Are there some hidden gems along that expanse? I was hoping to find a coastal town with some character and smaller, sheltered beaches. All I can find is Sitges, which is on the opposite side of Barcelona to the wedding -- is it worth the extra travel?

Alternatively, we could have a holiday in Barcelona itself, but I've been there and it just doesn't seem like the first place you'd take a toddler. Parc Guell is great, but, beyond that, it just seems hot, dusty, urban. But it's possible I just spent my trips there being nocturnal and eating tapas. Again... am I missing something?

Anyone been to Barcelona and the coast there with a toddler? Can you recommend anything, or would it be better to just cut our losses: stay two nights for the wedding, but save the family holiday for a more suitable location? DD doesn't do heat very well, and part of me thinks we'd be a lot happier puttering around off-season Devon or Cornwall...

MrsMoggy Mon 25-Jan-16 10:02:07

We did a day trip to Barcelona from Salou resort. Really family friendly, lots of parks on the beaches, light up fountains, lots of eating places, nice shops. You can get there on the train from Barcelona and there are lots of day trips to go on to more cultured areas neighbouring the resort. Great bus service too

specialsubject Mon 25-Jan-16 10:47:35

if someone doesn't like heat, forget it. Do the wedding and come home.

spiderbabymum Mon 25-Jan-16 22:01:39

Would eurocamp be an option eg cala gogo

HolaKitty Tue 26-Jan-16 09:32:34

Thanks everyone. We've ended up booking at Sitges, since I realised it's on the airport side of Barcelona and so we'd be arriving nearish that area anyway: might as well stay a few days before heading north to the wedding.

I was very tempted to do what specialsubject said, but, since we're committed to paying for flights etc, it seems a shame not to spend any time out there at all. I'm just shocked at how grim and overdeveloped most of that coast is.

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