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Menorca hotels

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WineandDine Fri 22-Jan-16 21:38:30

Hi, we're hoping to travel to Menorca in late April with our LO who will be 7.5 months.

I'm not sure if such a place exists, but ideally we'd like to stay somewhere nice (4 star+) that's baby/family friendly but not overrun with kids & kids clubs. I figure we have many years of that to come!

I'm struggling to find availability for April so is this too early for many places to open?

I used to work in the luxury hotel industry so I'm a bit very picky but am fully aware that I may need a reality check re what type of hotel/resort will suit us and be practical with our new arrival!


girlywhirly Sat 23-Jan-16 15:46:53

It sounds too early, I think the season starts 1st May. It may also be a bit cool weather wise and the sea definitely will be. I'd recommend early June, you will have missed the half-term holidays and there will be more families with young DC and grandparents.

From what I have observed, hotels are either adults only, or family friendly. You can avoid kids clubs, but not necessarily kids! There are apartment complexes where you can self cater, but still have facilities such as restaurant, pool etc. and choose where you go and what you do about meals.

The star ratings are as much about what facilities the hotel offers in general, not just the comfort of the rooms or food quality, so you may not use all those facilities e.g. gym, spa, kids club.

If you fancy a city style break, Ciutadella is gorgeous, fantastic shops and restaurants (very baby friendly) lovely old architecture, harbour etc. No real beach, but public buses are like air conditioned coaches and you could go to other resorts. We stayed at the Hotel Port Ciutadella. You'd need to check if it can supply a cot, although there is a children's pool. It is mostly adults staying. A lovely walk into town for dinner if you go past the harbour and all the posh holiday homes.

fraggleland Sat 23-Jan-16 15:56:07

I agree. Season officially starts 1st of May. In resort areas everything, shops/ bars/restaurants will be closed until then.
June is a great month to go.

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