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Advice for family with 3 teens

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Oddoneout63 Tue 19-Jan-16 19:23:09

Can't decide whether to go all- inclusive hotel with 24 hour pizzas & water park (yuk, but I'm in the minority!) versus a villa for just us with a private pool?

3 teenage DS, aged 13-18, who are not particularly sociable and a DH who wants a lazy holiday. I'd like somewhere I could go for a run if possible, as I can't sit still all day.

What would you do? Villa or all-inclusive?

curlycat Tue 19-Jan-16 19:35:33

My dc are nearly 12 and 16. For years we have always done the big all inclusive all singing all dancing busy hotels as my 2 loved all the clubs and entertainment. As they have got older DD16 only wants the sun and wifi and DS12 doesnt go to the clubs now bit still enjoys the activities like waterpolo and basketball so we still go to the big AI hotels but have a much more laid back relaxing holiday where DS can join in when he feels like it.
Never been to a villa. Dont want to cook, dont want to drive and like coming in to clean sheets and towels left by the cleaning fairies

mummymeister Wed 20-Jan-16 08:41:29

my 3 dc are 13 - 17. I wouldn't even consider AI because one of them is really fussy with food and we like to go out and about and explore. we always book a villa/house accommodation with self catering. it isn't too much of a chore for the cooking because we often go out for breakfast if having an early start on a day trip. we do make sure we (I!!) do lots of planning before we go so that there are plenty of interesting activities for everyone. we tend to do one day local and one day out alternating on our holidays. this way there is always some lazy, down time by the pool or drifting around town and the chance to do something more active. works well for us. We did do one week last year at ocean elements in Vassiliki for a sailing/windsurfing holiday. you got breakfast in the hotel but no other meals plus some teen activities in the afternoon. this was about as much organised fun as I could cope with and was ideal for a week but no longer.

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