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Iceland with DS over Easter break

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lovinbeingmum Mon 18-Jan-16 21:19:34

Have always wanted to go to Iceland and can finally plan something over the Easter week this year. DS is 4+. Is he still too young for the cold? ( we live in London) Don't want to be stuck indoors for 6 days.

Feeling unsure....your thoughts and experience please?


mummymeister Tue 19-Jan-16 08:28:49

he is a bit too small. Iceland is expensive as well. you might want to save this trip for when he is a bit older. there are some great things to do like the hot springs and the trips out to see the northern lights but basically you will just trying to keep him warm and happy the whole time which wont make it particularly restful for you.

what about something a bit more child friendly like DLP or LEGOLAND place in Holland.

MelanieCheeks Tue 19-Jan-16 08:31:30

Bit young, I'd say. I took my son there for his 12th birthday and he LOVED it, but that was cos he got to see geezers, glaciers, puffins, whales, and enjoyed a dip on the blue pool. There's less to see and do that would appeal to a much younger child.

HarimadSol Tue 19-Jan-16 08:49:34

We took DD in September and she was 1 year old. We rented a camper van and travelled around the island for a week. We even took her on a helicopter tour and stopped on a glacier with her. We just made sure we had plenty of layers to keep her warm. We had a great time! She enjoyed the warm pools - test before getting in, some are really warm! And Iceland seems to have some fun-looking playgrounds, although DD was too little for those. Your DS might enjoy a horse ride?

lovinbeingmum Tue 19-Jan-16 20:52:28

Thanks! I find planning things for the Easter break very difficult.....

OldBeanbagz Wed 20-Jan-16 09:34:28

I don't think you can be too young for the cold. You just need to make sure you have the right clothing. And Icelandic houses are lovely and cosy warm because of the abundance of thermal heat. We've always used AirBNB for accommodation in Iceland.

We took DD to Finland when she was one year old and it's a lot colder there that Iceland (-20C compared to the 0-3 degrees in Reyjkavik) but she coped fine. I think it would have been better if she was walking more but we made sure that she had tights/thermals/trousers on when we went out.

Last weekend we were in the Lakes and it barely got above zero degrees C but our DC were cosy in their salopettes, down jackets and walking boots.

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