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Anyone been to Cape Verde?

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toucantoucan Mon 18-Jan-16 13:24:12

We are currently booked to go to Sharm el Sheikh at Easter, to an AI hotel we have been to several times. Awaiting airline's decision on whether they are resuming flying there (and not sure we will go even if they do) but considering options. We want somewhere warm, with scuba diving, and not too much going on (DCs have A levels and GCSEs coming up so aim is for them to be away from distractions at home to get some revision done in a relaxing environment). Am looking at Cape Verde with Thomson, either Sal or Boa Vista - anyone have any experience of trips to either of those, either with Thomson or another company?

TheFairyCaravan Mon 18-Jan-16 13:28:44

We've been to Boa Vista. We loved it, there is absolutely nothing to do other than relax and read. Everything is centred around the hotels.

DH went out on a quad bike tour one day, and you could go whale watching when we were there in the March/April, but I'm not good on boats and everyone was coming back green. I'm not sure about scuba diving, tbh, the sea can be rough and some days it was red flag at the beach.

Tutt Mon 18-Jan-16 13:40:25

We go to Boa Vista ( Rui Touareg) the first week of Dec every year and love it, it's quiet and nothing really to do so just relax, however I wouldn't take my teens, they'd be bored.
The quad bike tour where we stay has gone ( or was gone they might have reinstated it for this year).
Where we stay you can't even really swim let alone scuba as the ocean is dangerous. I've only seen in the last 5 years the orange flag up once, never the green and 99% of the time it is red.
Been in April too and the whales where there, could watch them playing from the beach, it was wonderful.
I don't know about Sal but think it is slightly busier.

toucantoucan Mon 18-Jan-16 15:41:42

Thanks for the information - I think Sal is probably better option rom what I have seen re. scuba, but it may all be irrelevant if we go to Sharm.

Lbee123 Mon 18-Jan-16 15:55:45

I've been to Sal 4 times and stayed in the RIU. It's really warm but when I've been it's been quite windy and resulted in a lot of red flag days. There is more to do I believe in Sal town than Boa Vista.... Also lots of lovely bars and restaurants that have live music if you do want to get out in the evening but it is relatively quiet and remote by the hotels so you get the choice if you know what I mean?

Flumplet Mon 18-Jan-16 17:20:30

When we went to sal 9 years ago we didn't find it all that great. We stayed at the Riu also and it was a lovely hotel, but on the beach we were continually harassed by people selling stuff - and I don't use the word harassed lightly - one man sat next to us for 45 minutes until we went back inside the hotel. It was a bit intimidating at times. We went on a good off road safari but generally the island was not all that picturesque - a little bit like the moon. I wish we had chosen a different island - it was our honeymoon.

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