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ideas for 2 centre holiday Italy/Spain/Greece

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easel14 Sun 03-Jan-16 12:20:48

Hi everyone,

We are trying to plan a summer holiday. We hve 2 boys who will be aged 7 and nearly 3 - planning to go around 15th July.

We are thinking we would potentially like to do a week of some kind of eurocamp type place followed by a week in a nice-ish family hotel (thinking Sensatori type but bit cheaper!).

Trouble is i dont know where to start with finding something that works travel wise and 2 places that would work.

Any ideas or anyone done anything similar that you would recommend?

revealall Sun 03-Jan-16 14:06:09

If you want a nice organised place and a bit of luxury you could consider a fly cruise holiday? You get a base but nice beaches/ places to visit every day. Then you can tag a few days on at the end. We did it with Palma and Barcelona ( we got our own lovely hotels though not the package you can get).

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