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Does such a place exist?! Quiet with kids club, on a budget

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imsorryiasked Thu 31-Dec-15 22:22:29

DH & I would happily go s/c to Greece and not speak to another soul (apart from locals in shops & restaurants), just relaxing, swimming, reading etc. Unfortunately DS (7) needs a bit more excitement!
So, is there anywhere that we could go which would give us the peace and quiet we crave together with a kids club or similar on site or nearby?
DH & I are happy to do activities etc, so not looking to "lose" DS, but it would be lovely if there were other kids about in a ready made setting.
I've looked at some of the Eurocamp type places but they all seem really full on if they have good waterpark facilities etc and that is my worst nightmare.
Budget for s/c inc flights etc is probably £2K for 10-14 days in summer holidays which I realise is a tall order.
Any suggestions or should I just give up now?

MarthaMonkeynuts Thu 31-Dec-15 22:33:57


imsorryiasked Fri 01-Jan-16 09:09:12

Bump. Anyone?

Fuckitfay Fri 01-Jan-16 09:16:41

We had a lovely holiday like that at the Alykanas Village Hotel in Zakynthos. It was with Thomson. We went out of school holidays (ah for the time we could do that!) but it's a small place. Kids clubs and activities but not in your face as so small and loads of lovely child friendly restaurants in Alykanas. Was super cheap when we went not sure about summer hol prices but might be in budget the rooms are quite basic self catering.

Elllicam Fri 01-Jan-16 09:17:53

Does it have to be abroad? Crieff hydro is great for kids activities?

Elllicam Fri 01-Jan-16 09:18:22

And quiet at least in the self catering bits.

fruitpastille Fri 01-Jan-16 09:31:07

Huttopia in France is nice. Camping/glamping in a forest setting with a pool. Kids club each morning.

Onykahonie Fri 01-Jan-16 11:55:50

It sounds like you like similar places to us. Do you actually want a kids club, or just other kids around for company? Pretty much any where in Greece with a pool and play ground will be full of families in the school hols.

On your budget, I would recommend something like Chrysoula Apartments which we stayed around 5 yrs years ago. The apartments were quite basic , but my kids both found plenty of other kids of all ages to play with. There was a large pool, basic play ground and also a small games room which kept them entertained.

I know Kos and some other Greek islands have been affected by the migrant/refugee crisis, which may put you off, but it also makes these areas cheaper, as they want to attract tourists even more than before!

originalmavis Fri 01-Jan-16 11:59:11

I'm worried about flying - mainly because DH gets 'the special' treatment every sodding time because of where he was born (not even a bloody country where those idiot terrorists are popping up from). He is used to it but I get really agitated for him.

I was about to suggest Alykanas Beach Village but was beaten to it. Lots to do but not too full on and plenty of tavernas nearby. It's all inclusive now though. I fancy the Thomson Family Life in Samos but it's Gatwick flighrs might suit you

Also the Baia de Conte in Sardinia looks great but AI again.

the one in Samos

Youarentkiddingme Fri 01-Jan-16 12:07:59

Ive just managed to get at week AI in Majorca, middle of August, quiet hotel with kids club, on the beach for ds and I for £1050!
So they do exist.

where do you need to fly from?

Limited Fri 01-Jan-16 12:08:24

I'll pm you as have a great place but don't want the world to know about it

MyGastIsFlabbered Fri 01-Jan-16 12:11:24

Can you PM me too Limited? I need to start thinking about next year.

imsorryiasked Fri 01-Jan-16 16:36:20

Thanks everyone. I'll sit down tonight and have a look. Thanks limited too that sounds perfect.
We fly from Gatwick (too far from any regional airports to make it worthwhile)
I don't mind AI options but would prefer a kitchenette so that we're not tied to meals and times. DS is v fussy and I have a "thing" about not getting food poisoning which verges on the obsessive.

choccyfiend78 Fri 01-Jan-16 16:49:47

Have a look at Cyprus, very child friendly and Paphos rather than the Ayia Napa side. It used to be fairly expensive but prices have come down because we are quite close to Egypt/ turkey but without the refugees and threats X

amylouise123 Sat 09-Jan-16 21:19:47

I would definitely say Alakanas Village too. I got a good deal but it was term time when on maternity leave- think it was more than double the price in school holidays. I know Thomson wanted them to go all inclusive but the hotel was really against it. Just done a quick search and can't see it on the Thomson website anymore?!?

Limited, can you please let me into this secret place too? Pretty pretty please!

amylouise123 Sat 09-Jan-16 21:27:49

Oh yeah Englishgirl, just found it and you're right, it's all inclusive :-( That's such a shame- bet all the little restaurants will suffer!

TheFear Sat 09-Jan-16 21:34:29

Limited could I also get info?

I'd recommend child friendly gites in France run by Chris and Wendy blakeman, Google it..
Gites in a group, very child friendly. No kids club but the kids generally play together etc in the public areas.
We've been twice. Really good. Only not going back because we've been to the area three times now and we've pretty much done everything there is to be done there!. Kids would go back every year but DH and I get a bit bored going to the same place.
PM me if anyone wants info.

itsmeagain1 Sat 09-Jan-16 21:55:00

Youarentkidding me, where did you book in Majorca?

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