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Bon Sejour in France

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Stanley54 Thu 31-Dec-15 14:27:51

We booked the Villa Eugenie on the Ile de Re for a week at Christmas for a cost of €1220 plus end of stay cleaning of €80.

The booking process and payment were straightforward (although I am not sure why a compulsory charge of €80 for the end of stay cleaning is not included in the price of booking the accommodation) and we were asked to contact Valerie before our arrival to say what time we would be arriving and also to telephone once we were on the bridge to confirm. We telephoned a few days before and arranged to arrive at 3pm. Once on the bridge we phoned again to confirm. We arrived at the house after a 4 hour journey at 3.01pm and had to wait 5/10 minutes for Valerie’s arrival. Valerie then proceeded to ‘open up’ the house. Something we would have thought could have been done by her arriving 20 minutes before us.

The house is pleasant, situated within the walls of St Martin de Re. When we have previously booked houses at Christmas the owners have always made efforts to enhance our stay, by putting up a Christmas tree, decorations, etc. In this house there was no acknowledgement of the festive season.

One of the things which had attracted us to this house for Christmas was the fact it was described on the property particulars as having ‘UK TV channels’, However, within half an hour of arriving we discovered this was not the case. We immediately contacted Didier, who apologised and said this was a ‘mistake’ on the house details. This was an important criteria to us when booking, but errors of this kind are clearly not important to ‘Bon Sejours en France’. The house was also described as having a ‘fireplace’, which we took to be a working fireplace not just an architectural feature ! However, it was not useable - a bit like listing ‘barbecue’ then arriving and finding it can’t be used.

The lounge of this house is open plan and extends into the kitchen and the corridors. There were 2.5 radiators to heat this large, high ceilinged space; one radiator was not working and this was known to the company who had put a notice to this effect on the radiator. It was therefore impossible to obtain a comfortable temperature in the room. Why would you rent out a house in December, in the full knowledge that within the living space 40% of the heating is not working ?

So, there we were at Christmas, cold, with no UK TV and with no indication within the house of it being Christmas.

Due to our experience we wrote to Didier on our return requesting a refund of €200, this was flatly refused. ‘It is not possible after your stay to bargain’. Great !

I should have read the reviews on Mumsnet before I booked. I would never book a holiday through this company again, nor would I recommend anyone else to do so.

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