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Anyone know of a Babington House type place somewhere warm!?

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boo64 Fri 15-Dec-06 21:12:41

We love Babington House and similar boutique hotel type places that are also family friendly but can anyone think of any that will be warm in April?

They must have tennis and some sort of babysitting and be the kind of place you can relax. Don't really mind going long haul but with ds in tow would prefer Europe. Needn't be searingly hot. A villa would be ok but must be near to a tennis club and with babysitting.

Any suggestions that don't involve compromising on luxury (sorry to sound spoilt! When it comes to hotels I am and there ain't nothing that's going to change it!)?

notnigella Sat 16-Dec-06 22:27:17

boo64, just got back from a couple of days at bh myself, and will be watching this space to see if you get any good suggestions! have you tried powder byrne

EniDeepMidwinter Sat 16-Dec-06 22:27:49

apparently the powder byrne place in cyprus is fabby

notnigella Sat 16-Dec-06 22:31:43

was looking for an article i remember reading somewhere in my postnatal fog, this
looks like an updated version of it for UK hotels

boo64 Sun 17-Dec-06 18:49:14


What we really need is BH to open another outpost, this time a family friendly one in Southern Europe!
Eni - probably Anassa. It is meant to be lovely indeed but not sure there is Pb creche in April and a friend who went there and had a babysitter in the day for her ds said they were stuck in the room most of the time so no fun for ds.

boo64 Sun 17-Dec-06 18:55:38


Not nigella - just looked at the piece from iVillage. Thanks for that.

If anyone else is interested in my humble opinion of the places included.... Calcot is good and definitely worth a visit but rooms not on a par with BH at all. The Calcot spa is fantastic other upside is baby listening so no need to get a babysitter. Creche much bigger than BH and excellent too.

Just went to Ickworth last month. Not worth full price rates. Gorgeous building and grounds, creche good, but service dodgy, food very disappointing and no proper spa yet - building one soon though they said.

Sadly none of the family friendly places we have been to yet can match up to wonderful BH!!! I worship the place!! Shame I can't go for longer or more often as so bleeding expensive. Before this turns into my personal 'BH appreciation' thread I will stop!!

Fussy and discerning friends went to Sani Asterias - they like BH too and felt same re Ickworth and Calcot - and it was up to scratch. Weather won't be in April though so my search continues!

I can bore for England on luxury hotels by the way(am a travel journo part of the time - not that my writing is up to scratch when posting on MN!)

FlyingSaucer Tue 09-Jan-07 17:23:55

Have you considered the Le Meridien Limassol in Cyprus? Weather should be OK in April, plenty of tennis IIRC and very good facilities for kids. Babbington House it is not, but with many French and European guests, it is more sophisticated than you might expect. Good spa. Definitely not BH (I have been several times and agree with all you say, BTW) but worth considering. I would not want to pay full rate.

bossykate Tue 09-Jan-07 17:40:39

Is everyone very posh and trendy at BH? I wonder if i am attractive and well dressed enough to go there... they never have space when we fancy going away somewhere!

boo64 Wed 10-Jan-07 13:02:23

I was worried it'd be full of gorgeous perfectly dressed skinny women but it's not really. I don't know, I found that as soon as I got there I felt so relaxed I didn't worry so much about what I was wearing/ looked like.

Actually I have to say I don't feel like everyone is looking at everyone else there so maybe that's why I don't care when I go there now (within reason).

You definitely need to book ages in advance for the family friendly rooms

Thanks for the Limassol tip - will take a look. TBH it needn't be Babington style - just nice.

bossykate Wed 10-Jan-07 17:29:03

thank you

tamum Wed 10-Jan-07 17:31:54

I always think of you as posh and elegant if that's any help bossykate I haven't been there, but lots of people we've met at Woolley Grange have, and none of them looked particularly trendy as far as I remember. Rather a lot of Boden IIRC!

Tutter Wed 10-Jan-07 17:35:06

agreed re view on ickworth - we went a year ago and were extremely disappointed in service and food. bit of a catalogue of disasters actually. wrote a letter to the md - received a very wishy washy reply.

have heard calcot manor better and hoping to visit soon.

abroad - what about scott dunn?

misspinkcat Wed 10-Jan-07 17:36:52

Babingotn house sounds terrible.
are there lots of odd shaped glasses and braying volov owners?

NotQuiteCockney Wed 10-Jan-07 17:44:01

I liked Pierre et Vacances Cap Esterel last Easter. They have childcare from 6 months up or something, lots of great activities for the bigger ones.

To be fair, though, the accommodation is probably more centreparks than proper lush. Reasonable food, though, and a nice place.

If I was going back to Limassol, I'd go to the Four Seasons. They have a kid's club, a much better location than Le Meredian, and are more posh.

boo64 Wed 10-Jan-07 21:06:25

Be warned all the Four Seasons in Cyprus is not part of the Four Seasons chain famed for fab service. It's not bad though from what I hear but not quite the proper four seasons deal.

Miss pink cat - fair enough if you think it sounds terrible - everyone has their own taste etc - but I think BH is the best hotel ever!!

Not a braying volvo owner in sight and the people we've ended up chatting to there have been friendly and interesting and not at all up their own!

Anyway the more people who find it sounds terrible the more chance there is I shall be able to actually get a room without booking a decade in advance!!

bossykate Thu 11-Jan-07 14:28:00

tamum, i think i love you!

janinlondon Thu 11-Jan-07 15:27:37

Good God BK, if you're not posh and elegant I don't know who is???

WideWebWitch Thu 11-Jan-07 20:40:37

Ooh boo64, someone who shares my love of posh hotels, marvellous!

Agree re BK, obv!

boo64 Thu 11-Jan-07 22:16:04

WWW I could bore for England (Scotland and Wales too) about posh hotels. And my quest for child-friendly ones is pretty obsessive!

I do some travel journalism and make sure I only cover swanky joints!

notnigella Thu 08-Feb-07 22:47:22

boo64, just got back from a week at la manga, worth checking out the regency hyatt

boo64 Sun 18-Feb-07 22:04:07


I've been there a few years ago but i know it's just been refurbished and the new rooms look lovely. Was it as nice as it looks now?

Before the refurb it wasn't really 5 star to be honest!

notnigella Wed 21-Feb-07 21:37:41

we stayed in the self catering bit cos easier with ds, but certainly restaurants etc that we saw were 5*. i'd say our sc accom was 4*, but fantastic facilities - spa almost every evenng- what bliss!

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