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MilkshakeMonkey Sat 05-Dec-15 18:23:19

My mum is kindly treating all the family with a day trip to Lapland (excited!!)

She says the travel agent has told her we can hire cold weather gear when we get there. I'm just wondering if anyone else has done the trip and can verify this?
I would hate for it to be ruined by children being cold!

Any other tips / advice would also be welcome

lottysmum Sat 05-Dec-15 19:46:15

Yes you can hire but it tends to be expensive ...if you are going on a trip via an agent its normally included within the day package. We were over there last year for 4 nights and we didnt hire any special clothes apart from when we did a starlight sleigh ride in the evening and we definitely needed special clothes that night (they were hired as part of the package). You can buy some cheap all in one snow suits from Decathlon that will do the job too... We were a group of 10 and we all just had ski jackets/salopettes and thermals (snow boots and a few pairs of socks) You can pick up suitable clothes from places like Aldi and Lidl too - That's if they are NOT included and I would be surprised if they were NOT included in a day package. We were quite lucky in terms of weather it was about minus 15....

mrsmortis Tue 08-Dec-15 12:57:26

Check the paperwork. On a day trip I'd expect the snow suits etc to be included.

I would recommend that you take extra gloves though. I went with DD for 2 nights. And we found that even if they were waterproof they got damp and cold and it wasn't fun.

Bunbaker Thu 10-Dec-15 22:29:12

When we went in February for 4 days snow suits and boots were included, but we still needed arctic quality gloves, hats,scarves and socks, plus suitable clothes for layering underneath. I spent over £100 for the 3 of us just on accessories. As mrsmortis has pointed out, warm waterproof gloves are a must.

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