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Tips for flying with a 5 month old

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trebleclef101 Sat 28-Nov-15 15:29:29

My OH and I are flying from Gibraltar to the UK (2.5 hour flight) for Christmas with our DD, who by then will be just coming up to 5 months.

Just looking for some tips on flying with a baby from those who have already done it!

My main concern is that I will take 3 times as much as I actually need, so any advice on the essentials, and what can be left behind would be good.

She is EBF so won't need any formula etc.


trilbydoll Sat 28-Nov-15 15:36:19

Dummy / boob for take off and landing. Hopefully with the white noise effect of the cabin she will sleep!

Sling to get on and off the plane. Blanket in case they get over enthusiastic with the air con.

She will probably be happy looking around, don't worry about taking loads of toys. DD has always enjoyed staring at the emergency evacuation sheet.

Way more nappies than you imagine, packed in individual sandwich bags with wipes and a change of clothes. I would suggest sticking to sleep suits, it's not the time for lovely outfits!

Relupetto Mon 30-Nov-15 16:36:15

I would take a change of clothes/ at least a top for yourself. Flying with a baby that age was easy, much easier than a toddler. Mine just slept.most of the time. He did throw up on me tho smile
And yy to dummy. My son stopped having a dummy at 12 months but I still gave him a dummy for flights up until he was about 3.

trebleclef101 Wed 02-Dec-15 16:12:26

Thanks for the advice!

Does anyone know what Easyjet mean by a "baby back carrier"?

It is listed as one of the additional items you can take for free (along with prams, car seats, travel cots etc) but I'm not sure if they mean the larger type carriers with a frame, or a soft carrier such as our baby bjorn.

villainousbroodmare Wed 02-Dec-15 16:20:46

I second others' advice; bf is brilliant for this scenario!

I've flown a few times recently with a 3m/o who fed and snoozed for all 2.5 hr flights but on arrival home after a Jo'burg (highish altitude) to Cape Town (sea level) flight cried inconsolably for about 2 hours. I think it was his ears, despite being on the boob for the whole descent. He eventually cried it out or responded to infant paracetamol syrup, not sure which.

It might be something worth having.

Bonywasawarriorwayayix Thu 03-Dec-15 09:54:18

We've taken a large framed baby carrier on Easyjet as one of the free travel items. We took a sling to use on the plane too, just stuffed it in our hand luggage when not using.

Laquila Thu 03-Dec-15 09:57:20

I'd advise a sachet of infant Calpol; something for distraction purposes like a book she hasn't seen before or a particularly chewy toy; a soft structured carrier like a Manduca or Ergo, or a ring sling; and an optimistic Kindle, in case she does sleep all the way there and you can do some reading!

Artandco Thu 03-Dec-15 10:13:32

Baby in sling at airport

Check pram in if taking one rather than dragging around airport

Feed take off and landing

Pack a think large muslin cloth use on floor in airport if delayed or at gate whilst waiting so they can have a wiggle/ stretch out before boarding. Can rinse in sink on arrival to get rid of airport floor germs!

Thin blanket on plane. It can get cold

Put your handluggage in small rucksack. Means you can be hand free with baby in sling, and fits by your feet rather than above heads so easy access to stuff

My rule is nappy for every hour travelling plus 3. So 2.5 flight, assume 2.5 hrs from leaving home to on flight if not too far from airport, plus say 1.5 hrs from landing to in accomadtaion. 6.5hrs travel. So say 7hrs. I would take 10 nappies in hand luggage.

Take kindle. Mine always fell asleep on flights tbh at that age so feed during take off, and then your stuck with baby asleep on you some time. A good book is good.

Buy water at airport invade of plane delay takeoff as they don't serve drinks during taxing as can take a while. You get thirsty breastfeeding.

Pack your stuff to take onto your bed first. Then really think about if you actually need it, and reduce by 1/2. Baby only really needs babygrows at that age, warm cardigans, hat if cold. Very few toys etc. the less stuff you take the easier, especially if your planning on taking pram/ car seat etc as one of you will have baby in arms and he other potentially carrying all that crap up and down stairs! Less is more. Same for yours and dhs stuff

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