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Any one been to Villa Pia?

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SmileysPeople Fri 08-Dec-06 10:44:53

Or going next summer?
We've just booked after initially seeing the review on MN's.
Any one got more personal info/experience?

SmileysPeople Fri 08-Dec-06 12:27:12


SmileysPeople Fri 08-Dec-06 17:58:41

Bumpity bump. Any-one?

LIZS Fri 08-Dec-06 18:00:40

A friend did a year or two back and found an eclectic mix of fellow guests !

SmileysPeople Fri 08-Dec-06 21:37:35

Hmm ecletic sounds like code for something else?

newgirl Fri 08-Dec-06 22:19:45

my mate has been twice and LOVES it - she has booked again for this year and she/her dp/two girls are lovely - I am sure you will have a fab time - the food is good, kids play together and ita lots of adult conversation in the pm

SmileysPeople Fri 08-Dec-06 22:23:18

That's what we're hoping for, a good compromise with kid friendly environment, but ambience for adults too.
Only thing that slighty worried us was the communal eating, but we thought we'd give it a go for a week. Now feeling more positive and eclectic sounds GOOD.

controlfreakyturkeyandstuffing Fri 08-Dec-06 22:27:31

we went twice when dc's were younger. it was really good with young children and the owners are lovely people. was a good cross between renting villa and "proper" hotel.... no cleaning / shopping / cooking etc, great food and you can hang out happily in child friendly communal areas as you please... so not like being in your room in hotel or "out" all the time. enjoy! if i can answer more ?'s just ask.

controlfreakyturkeyandstuffing Fri 08-Dec-06 22:28:23

forgot to say some of the other adults were complete arses..... but enough were very nice to make it fun.

SmileysPeople Fri 08-Dec-06 22:38:30

We're not usually the social types on holiday. Socialising can sometimes feel too much like hard work, so we're experiementing a bit and forcing ourselves.
Can imagine they'll be some arses. I'd imagine a few boorish public school types, dominating conversations and experts on everything?
Would I be right? but a few prats can be quite bonding for everyone else sometimes?

DingDongDraculaOnHigh Fri 08-Dec-06 22:39:45

"I'd imagine a few boorish public school types"


chip chop???

SmileysPeople Fri 08-Dec-06 22:42:49

chip chop?? what's that mean?
Are you a boorish public school type taking offence?
I'm a non boorish public school type but recognise the former where I see it.
I deal in stereotypes for convenience,and occasionally it's true.

DingDongDraculaOnHigh Fri 08-Dec-06 22:46:19

no not at all

I just think it's a bit of a weird thing to say! Imagine how many people you could offend. It would be like saying OH i bet it will be full of chavs in burberry or something. Not very nice.

(fwiw I would think it would be FULL of just the sort of people you describe )

SmileysPeople Fri 08-Dec-06 22:50:47

But you wouldn't dare say it? Is that worse or better?

Anyhow I'm sure there will be a few of 'those sort of people'but I fel equiped to deal with them. I've dealt with enough so far in my life.

By dealt with I mean tolerate, not beat up

Do you think Xenia will be thereagain

controlfreakyturkeyandstuffing Fri 08-Dec-06 22:57:58

yup smiley those are the sort i had in mind..... we had fun refusing to give them the info they were keen to extract from us in desperate bid to place everyone in hierachy of class / career / income etc....
first night was a bit like being fresher at uni.... instead of "what grades did you get" it was all "what do you doooo?" and "where do you live?" really meaning how much do you earn and do you live in posh area / in large house... lol

SmileysPeople Fri 08-Dec-06 23:03:04

As we are forwarned of this, might be fun to construct fake lives for ouselves and see if DH can keep the charade up all week.

What would we be, neurosurgeons, bigwig in Oxfam?

where would we live? Cheshire, Shropshire or would it HAVE to London. Obviously anywhere except Birmingahm where we really live

controlfreakyturkeyandstuffing Fri 08-Dec-06 23:04:43

lol smiley. was v tempted to do same but in postnatal hormonal sleep deprived state wasnt really capable....
just dont be anything in banking or you'll be sussed in 30 seconds!

SmileysPeople Fri 08-Dec-06 23:12:02

Oh no wouldn't attempt to pull banking off (that sounds rude). Would have to be something more arty airy fairy and obviously would need a bit of research before hand.

Already sounding like too much work. They'll have accept us Brummie's, one of whom works in the public sector (whisper it).

controlfreakyturkeyandstuffing Fri 08-Dec-06 23:48:48

hope you have lovely time. there are lots of nice outings to nearby towns etc and lots of pottering around to do.... we had a good time.

SmileysPeople Fri 08-Dec-06 23:50:48

Thanks Controlfreaky, we intend to make the most of it. Just there for 1 week though so will probably chill around the pool alot, chatting to all the Ruperts.

LIZS Sat 09-Dec-06 10:42:37

lol my friend is from the US and she got the impression that one couple were well known, perhaps "celebs", in the UK but it had all gone completely over her head ! There was also a childless couple staying there which she found a bit odd for somewhere so family orientated.

DingDongDraculaOnHigh Sat 09-Dec-06 10:52:03

maybe you should go to Butlins then you can lord it over everyone else instead

It does look nice I must say

dh vetoed it though as he said he didn't want to spend his holiday being nice to people he might not like

Heathcliffscathy Sat 09-Dec-06 10:55:16


this reminds me of our first interaction ever on MN CD. I seem to remember you getting hoity with me about my sweeping public school generalisations then....

those were the days eh?

Issymum Sat 09-Dec-06 10:58:57

A colleague of mine went last year. They really enjoyed it, particularly as he and his wife have one child (5ish), so there were lots of mates for her to play with. He's a partner in a largish law firm (very much the 'Villa Pia type' I suspect) but also jolly, self-deprecating and generally the kind of person you'd be happy to share several bottles of wine with. Oh and he lives in Sheffield, but that doesn't quite count as he's a London emigre.

We've thought about booking there as they have wheelchair accessible accommodation, the whole place is generally accessible and I think the DDs (4 and 5) would really enjoy it. I just have some reservations about the week long dinner party thing.

DingDongDraculaOnHigh Sat 09-Dec-06 11:01:39

really sophable??

I am as you know anti sweeping generalisations of any sort (unless they concern people who drive 4x4s in london of course )

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