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Anyone been on a Norwegian cruise with children or fancy googling it for me?

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ag123 Tue 03-Nov-15 18:42:18

Fancy going on a cruise of the Norwegian fjords. Never been on a cruise before. Do you think this could work with 2 children currently nearly 4yo and 10 weeks?
I think I'd like to go in Spring and would prefer not to fly and leave from a Southerly port e.g. Dover.
Anyone have any experience/insights/ fancy googling it for me? Finding it a bit hard to make out...

westcountrywoman Tue 03-Nov-15 18:55:30

Yes I did it with DD 2 yrs and DS 7 months. We went in May. It was still chilly but not unbearably so.
We went with P&O on a 7 night cruise from Southampton. We enjoyed it. What would you like to know specifically?

ag123 Tue 03-Nov-15 21:41:35

Well just what was your experience of having children with you mainly... Was there enough to keep them entertained and was it an ok balance that you felt you got enough out of the experience?

westcountrywoman Wed 04-Nov-15 20:08:50

There was a clubroom for DD (2-4 year olds). As she was only 2 and at that point had not been to nursery / away from me, we chose not to leave her unattended but the staff in that room were very welcoming and let us stay with her as she played. There was soft play, a (fenced in) outside area with playhouses / ride-ons, puzzles, games, art and craft etc. You could leave your child there but only if you were on the ship (so you can't go off on a shore excursion and leave kids on childcare).
For DS, there was a baby room but we had to stay with him. There are different clubrooms for older children too (5-8, 9-12 and 14+ IIRC).
There were also events taking place like children's disco / party games. It was too cold for the outside swimming pools and the inside ones were tiny so we didn't bother swimming.

On shore days, we just pottered around the towns. We didn't fancy the coach trips with such young DC (felt it wasn't fair on them and also slightly uneasy about no car seats on mountain roads). It was nice. I felt we've seen a bit of Norway and enjoyed the scenery from the boat as we sailed the fjords.
Meal times - we travelled with family so some nights fed the kids early (they do a children's tea at 4-5 ish) and then babysat them in the cabin in shifts to enjoy a grown-ups meal. Other nights we all dined together in the formal dining room on the early sitting and took the children (DS slept in his pushchair luckily!).
I would like to go again. Only thing I regret was that we had an inside cabin and evenings sat in with the DCs felt long. It would have been nice to sit on a balcony with a book and glass of wine. They offered a night nursery for ? under 5s where you can leave your already-sleeping child in a room with cots / beds for the evening whilst you dine. We didn't use this as DS was a terrible sleeper and they page you to come back if you child wakes and can't be settled easily.

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